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My Health Record Shared Health Summary

The patient will default to the patient whose My Health Record you are working in. If you wish to change patient, click on Add Patient; when done, click on the Medical History tab to continue.

Review and Add Medical History

To add a new item to the list of Medical History, click on the Add History button.

Complete the fields and click on Add.. Click on the Allergy / ADR tab to continue.

Review and Add Allergy / ADR

Click on the Add Allergy / ADR button to add a new Allergy / ADR to the list.

Complete the fields and click on Save Allergy / ADR. Click on the Medication tab to continue.

Review and Add Medication

To add a new medication to the summary, Click on New Script or Add Info Only Med

Complete the fields and select Add or Add & Close to save. Click on the Confirmation tab to continue.


The information entered will be displayed in the mandated My Health Record format. Confirm the Patient Information is accurate and complete.

To complete the Shared Health Summary, read the declaration and click on the Upload to My Health Record button.

You will see Document generated and uploaded will display to indicate success.

The document will display in the My Health Record Document List.


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