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My Health Record Discharge Summary

Create a Discharge Summary

This form can be used when a patient is discharged from an episode of care.

The patient will be auto-selected as you are working in their My Health Record.

Allergy / ADR

Click on the Add Allergy / ADR button to add a new Allergy / ADR to the list. Complete the fields and click on Save Allergy / ADR. click on the Medication tab to continue.


Check the box of the medications that you wish to include in the Discharge Summary. To add a new medication to the summary, click on Add Medication.

Complete the fields and select Add or Add & Close to save.

Click on the Form tab to continue. You must select an admission date for this page to be considered complete.


This form is used to summarise the patient's discharge from the Episode of Care. You may insert templates into each sections of the form. If you do not have templates available, clicking on Manage Templates button will take you to the MMEX Form Templates button to create them.

Once your form is complete, you can select a final action from the buttons at the top of the page.


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