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Meningococcal quadrivax Campaign

In MMex there is a progress note template containing the Standing order for quadvax ACYW vaccination by JPHS staff.

This has been ordered by Dr Margaret for ALL indigenous persons and all Palm Island residents aged 1 to 19 years should be vaccinated against Meningitis particularly the W strain which is spreading from the Northern Territory into Queensland.

Key Information

  • Children less than 2 years old
    • single dose of Nimenrix (covers ACWY strains)
  • People 2-19 years
    • single dose of Menactra (covers ACYW strains)

Precautions Contraindicated in anyone who has had anaphylaxis to Meningococcal vaccine

Other facts:

  • Single dose vaccine
  • Safe in pregnancy (B2 class)
  • Give even if have had meningitis in past
  • If patient has only had MenB vaccination previously, give the new vaccine as covers more strains of Meningococcal Disease

Side effects Side-effects vary with age with adolescents having more side effects.

  • Pain/redness/swelling at injection site Headache/decreased appetite/nausea Rash

Check for allergies and update status in MMEX.

MMEx Instructions

It is important to follow this process, so that data can be pulled to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

1. Click on Consent Icon at top of Patient Page

2. Add consent >Tick verbal Consent for Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination Program and save consent given (if patient or guardian refuses at this stage enter consent reused)

Add Progress Note as follows

1. Presenting Complaint > other > Meningitis ACW & Y vaccination

Be sure to select from the drop down list as in the screenshot - this helps with reporting and tracking the campaign activities.

2. Reason for Contact > Immunisation

3. Template > Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination Program Standing Order > Enter.

Add the Immunisation as follows

  1. Go to Immunisation Tab > click Add Immunisation > Generic Meningococcal 4VMenCV ( Menactra, Menveo or Nimenrex)
  2. Enter dose: No 1
  3. Batch No:
  4. Reason > other > Meningococcal Program.
  5. Click Add
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