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Variable Dose Medications

Access to the Variable Dose functionality is controlled by a user permission with options Read/Write/Deny. This can be set for users by your Organisation Administrator.

Indicators that a patient has a variable dose med

When a patient has a medication that has been prescribed with a Variable Dose, you will see this indication at the top of the medication window.
This icon appears next to the medication for which the Variable Dose has been set up.

A patient may have more than one medication prescribed with a variable dose.

Prescribing a Variable dose

Variable Doses may be created for the following medications:

  • Warfarin
  • Insulin
  • Prednisolone
  • Diazepam
  • Isoniazid
  • Rifampicin
  • Pyrazinamide
  • Ethambutol
  • Streptomycin

If there are additional medications that you wish to add to this list, please contact MMEx Helpdesk.

When you select one of the Variable Dose configured medications, you will see the option to add a variable dose administration guide to the prescription. This will appear in the prescription window under the drug name.

Check the box to specify the Variable Dose Administration Guide. New fields will appear in the prescription window.

Enter the required data for Reasons for the Medications and Target Range as well as required Indicators. If you enter the required daily dose in the “All Days” field, this will be the medication dose. Mark the date the treatment commences and enter any comments that need to accompany the dose administration guide. You may add a task related to this dosage administration guide. See here for adding a task.

When completed, click Add & Print. Two pages will print - page one will be the prescription, page two will be the dosage administration guide. Ensure your printer has blank paper for page two.

Define the Custom Dose

You are able to customise the variable dosage to meet your client's needs and the requirements of a treatment plan.

Check the Custom Dose Schedule box to see available customising options.

The default Custom Dose Schedule will display 7 days of a week. You may enter a different dose for each day of the week

You can customise this further by over-typing the day names with your preferred dose time.
Set doses for different times of the day. Set doses 3 x per week Set doses based on a BSL measurement (for example) Dose decreasing over time

There are a number of buttons you can use to further customise the schedule.

  • Remove to remove a medication time from the Dose list
  • Add New Time to add a new medication time to the Dose list
  • Add New Period to add a new Period for the Medication dosage - week or Month
  • Remove Period to Remove that Period.

You can also customise the dosage units by checking the override units box. A free text field will appear where you can type your preferred dosage unit - for example, the dosage may be a number of tablets, units, mg or ml, depending on preference.

Complete the Prescription

Complete the Prescription, and then click Add & Print. Two pages will print - the first page will be the script, the second will be the Administration Guide for the Patient to follow.

Viewing Dosage Administration Guide

Once prescribed you can view the Dosage Administration guide by selecting Variable Dose Medication from the Medications drop down menu.

Left click on the Medication Name to review the Dosage Administration Guide.

This opens the Variable Dose window.

You can update the Variable dose Administration guide from this window - click on Save (above the Graph section) to update the Dosage Administration Guide.

Graph an observation

In the graph section, select your desired observation to graph from the drop down list on the right hand side. Click Add Plot. Any observations entered for this item will be displayed on the graph.

Left click on the medication in the Variable Dose Medication window. Scroll down to the History section. Check the box of the Dose Administration Guide you wish to print. Click Print Selected.

The Dosage Administration guide will print.

Archive a Dose Administration Guide

Right click on the medication name and select Archive to archive the dosage administration guide.

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