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'Favourite' Medications

The Add to Favourites feature on the Medications page in MMEx allows you to create a list of your commonly used medications, which can then be more easily accessible.

To add a new medication to your Favourites list, start by clicking the New Script button.

Type the name of the drug into the Search for Drug field and click Search or hit the enter button.

A list of matching medications will pop up. Search through the list for the appropriate drug (noting the form, strength, quantity and PBS) and select the item, simply by clicking on it.

The medication details will then appear in the fields given below. Ensure that the details given are correct and complete the fields that are missing information such as Dose and Frequency.

Click the Save as Favourite button to add this drug to your Favourites List.

A message will appear saying, “Added: [Drug Name} to favourites;”.

If you wish to, you can add that drug to the patient record by clicking the Add button. To finish this step, click Close.

To then add one of your favourite medications to a patient's record, click on the Patients tab in the top menu and select your patient by clicking on their name in the list.

Click on the Medications tab in the side menu. To access your Favourites List, select Favourite Medications from the drop down list, used to toggle the Medication page views.

Here you will see a list of the medications you have added to favourites.

Your configured favourites will appear and remain the same across all of your patients, no matter which patient record you have open.

  • To prescribe a medication from this list for your patient, click the Action button and select Add Prescription to Patient option.
  • To add a medication from this list, as an info only medication, click the Action button and select Add Info Only to Patient.
  • To remove an item from your Favourite Medications list, click the Action button and select Delete.

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