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Dose Administration Aids

MMEx supports Dose Administration Aid prescriptions.
When a patient has a dose administration aid prescribed you will see this indicator at the top of the medications tab.

Dose Administration Aids list can be found in the view menu of the medications screen.

Create a new DAA order

To create a dose administration aid prescription, click on the “Create New DAA Order” link.

You will see a list of all medications that could potentially be included in the DAA order, along with the option to add a new medication to this list using New Script. Review the list of possible medications for script currency,details and whether they are to be packed, not packed or excluded from the order. Archive any medications that are not current and create a new prescription. Any medications displaying an expiry flag can be re-prescribed here also.

Keeping scripts and current medications information up to date (by regularly archiving old, expired or no longer required medications on a regular basis) will reduce the amount of effort required here.

Uncheck any medications that you do not which to include in the medication order. Click Next.
Review and adjust the schedule of medications to provide the pharmacist with an accurate packing guide to follow.

Warnings: You will see some warnings displayed:

  • when the listed frequency and the number of doses entered do not match
  • when the prescribed daily dosage and the total dosage recorded in the DAA do not match

You have completion options:

  • Generate PDF – creates the PDF version for printing, updates patient medications, saves copy of DAA in documents, Adds DAA to Imprest
  • Send as PDF & Save to Patient - updates patient medications, saves copy of DAA in documents, adds DAA to Imprest; sends PDF and .csv version to recipient. (To send to Pharmacist add their name to Send Form To field – can be configured as default order recipient in imprest properties screen.)
  • Save to Patient - updates patient medications, saves copy of DAA in documents, adds DAA to Imprest

Supplying DAA Medications

If ordering and supplying via an Imprest, create the DAA order, open the Manage Imprest page and create the order to be filled by a Pharmacist.
When the order has been received, record the quantity of DAA received for each patient.

Then if you are filling the DAA order directly, or supplying from an imprest click on Supply on the DAA list.

Complete the supply details and click Save.
A supply log will be added to the DAA Order.

Adding meds after DAA created

If, after creating the DAA, you prescribe a new medication for the patient, you will see the following message:

Click on “Update DAA” to revise the DAA order.
You will see red text adivisng you of new, archived and changed medications since the last DAA prescription.

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