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Medical History

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On the Medical History tab you can record medical history items with a status of ongoing, outgrown or resolved; select the item from SNOMED for easier reporting.

You can link medical history items to an underlying condition by selecting that condition as a parent item.

Medical History items can be archived when no longer relevant.

With a patient record open access the Medical History Tab:

  • via the Navigator or
  • via the page link in the Patient Widget

Medical History displays in a table. Right click to access options to Edit or Archive medical history items.

To add a new medical history item, click on Add History

Select the Description (condition) from the SNOMED CT list to assist with reporting and provide support to in-built MMEx alerts, or add as a free-text (non-SNOMED) item if your organisation allows this.

Complete all relevant fields.

If the item is related to or caused by another medical history item you can link them by selecting a Parent History item.

Click on Add - the new item will now show in the list of medical history items in the patient record.

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