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Management Plan

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MMEx provides a structured form for creating GP Management Plans.
The form includes:

  • key areas of the patient record including Medical History, Medications and Care Plans
  • links to the Adult Health Check to populate the Plan with issues identified during a health check
  • billing prompt on saving
  • Ability to record reviews on the same form

When a GPMP/TCA form is created and saved for a patient, a new tab will display.
On this tab you will see a list of all previously completed and incomplete GP Management Plans as well as the Problems and Goals recorded in the most recent iteration.

Each time you save the GPMP a PDF version is saved in the patient Documents Tab for printing and historical reference.

GP Management Plan

Add a Management Plan to a Patient Record

From the side menu, click on Forms & Reports and All Forms.
Search for GP Plan and click on the gold star to save this to your favourites. It will then appear under Favourites when selecting Forms & Reports.

Click on the Form Name and the Management Plan template will be visible.

  • Click on Pick A Patient to search for your patient
  • Search for your patient in the Patient Select pop up box
  • Select the required patient
  • Your Patient Name, Identifier, Date of Birth and clinical details will be pulled into your plan
  • Select the Medicare Item Number

  • Record problems, goals, treatments and arrangements in the space provided.
  • Click Add Additional Problem to add more items.

  • Complete further information at the bottom such as Service Date, Recall Date, Appointment information
  • Check the Completed check box once completed and click Save; if the Management Plan is not yet complete click Save to save what you have already recorded. You can reopen the document at a later stage to complete

  • A popup box will display asking if you would like to bill medicare now - click OK if you wish create a visit for billing purposes

This will take you to the Billing - Create Visit page.

For more information on Billing click here

When a patient has had a GPMP/TCA has been created and saved, the new Management Plan tab will be visible via the Navigator menu

Key information from the most recent GPMP will be visible on the page. You can view all GPMPs in the Select previous GP Management Plan drop down menu.
Here you have the option to:

  • select an incomplete plan to edit and complete or
  • Review a completed plan

Undertake a GPMP Review

To review a GPMP select a completed plan from the drop down list.

With the plan opens, click Create Review at the top of the GPMP form. Record the required review information and click Completed when finished to lock the form.

When completed the form will save, and can be opened from the Management tab and from Documents.

Viewing completed GP Management Plan

Completed GP Management Plans are saved under Documents in the Patient Record. You can open them from the documents tab, or from the list of plans on the Management tab as described above.

From the Patient Record, click on the Patient Widget and choose Documents from the Clinical List or choose Documents from the Navigator.

Documents are saved in date order for the patient, displaying newest to oldest. ' Completed GP Management Plans will also be saved in PDF format and the actual original MMEx form.

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