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Substance Misuse

The Substance Misuse module is controlled by the Patient Substance Misuse Permission. This needs to be set to:

  • Read - to see the content of the module, or
  • Write - to interact with the module and record assessments.

The Substance Misuse module can be accessed from the Navigator, the Patient Widget, or by clicking on the Capsule icon in the Patient demographic header.

The Substance Misuse module opens with a question asking if the patient uses alcohol and/or recreational drugs. If the patient's response is Neither, you will see the following:
NB: if a patient with previous drugs of concern history nominates Neither as their current alcohol and drug use state, their drug of concern history will be hidden. If they later select an option other than Neither, the historical information will be visible again.

If the patient response is yes for alcohol, other drugs only, alcohol and other drugs, the add New Drug of Concern button will display.
If the patient has previous assessments these will display in a table of Drugs of Concern, in rank order, with the following summary information:

  • Ranking - the patient's ranking of the drugs used
  • Drug Of Concern - name of drug of concern
  • SDS - most recent Severity of Dependence score for this drug
  • Administration Method - Most recently recorded administration method for this drug of concern
  • Last Used - Most recently recorded usage time frame for this drug of concern
  • Substance Frequency - Most recently recorded frequency of use for this drug of concern
  • State of Change - Most recently recorded patient change readiness for this drug of concern
  • Treatments - Most recently recorded treatments being received for this drug of concern
  • Last Edited By - name of last user who edited this information
  • Last Edited Date - date of last edit of this information
  • Record Created- the date the drug record was originally created

A keyword search field assists with locating specific records.

Adding a new Drug of Concern

Click on Add new Drug of Concernto open the substance record.
Select the drug category, then type in the name of the drug of concern. Selecting from the SNOMED filtered list will facilitate reporting.
Select the ranking for this drug of concern.
If you select a ranking that has already been applied to another drug of concern, you will see a popup warning.
Selecting OK will place this drug of concern at the selected ranking and move the existing (and lower) ranked drugs down the ranking list by one place.

You will see the save indication message and then be able to complete an assessment for this drug of concern

Adding a New Assessment

Click on +New Assessment to create a new assessment record for this drug of concern. The assessment details screen will open.

Record the details for the drug of concern.

Assessments allow you to record:

  • Method of Administration
  • Last Used
  • Frequency of Use
  • Severity of Dependence score for this drug of concern
  • Stage of Change
  • Treatments
    • Treatments can be adding in sequence, however they may be reordered by dragging the treatments into the desired permission

Upon completing the assessment, you may click:

  • Save - to save a draft of the assessment if any user needs to return and modify or add information
  • Save and Complete - to finalise the assessment and prevent future editing.

Viewing Previous Assessments

Previous assessments display in a table inside the drug of concern record.
All previous assessments are recorded here. To view any previous assessment record, click on that record in the Assessment summary. If the assessment is Completed, the assessment may be viewed, but cannot be edited.

The most recent assessment displays on the main page in the drug of concern table.


This module produces a patient data type/observation for each SDS for each drug.
SDS scores created in this module (as opposed to using the Other Drugs module) display with an information icon. Hovering over the information icon displays the drug that relates to that SDS score.

Using ISA Insights reporting you will be able to complete compr hensive reporting on main drug of concern, treatments, stage of change and SDS.

Archiving Assessments

The Substance Misuse module is designed to display the patient's substance misuse history.

As records are only intended to be archived in the event of an error (when the information must not be displayed in the current patient record e.g. was entered in the wrong patient file), there is a separate permission controlling this. Org Admins will need to assign this permission to users who are authorised to undertake this action.

To archive a drug of concern record - open the drug record and click Archive Drug of Concern record. You will see the Archive Drug of Concern button.

You will be asked to provide a reason for archiving - enter the reason and click OK.

Please note:
Archiving is not reversible and only intended for situations where data has been entered into the incorrect patient record. There is no undo option available to you.

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