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Smoking Assessment

The Smoking Assessment module is controlled by the Patient Smoking permission. This needs to be set to:

  • Read - to see the content of the module, or
  • Write - to interact with the module and record assessments.

The Smoking Assessment module can be accessed from the Navigator, the Patient Widget, or by clicking on the cigarette icon in the patient demographic header. This icon is emphasised when smoking frequency or Coppm is recorded in the smoking assessment. It will not be emphasised when smoking status is ex-smoker or never smoked.

A summary table displaying all past assessments is visible on opening the smoking assessment page.
At the top of the page you will see a summary of the patient's current smoking status, the strength of cigarettes that they smoke and the latest Heaviness of Smoking Index score. Historical assessments display in a table underneath. Click on Add New Record to create a new screening record.
The assessment will open up with the previously record assessment information populating the table.
Adjust as required and click Save.

A number of smoking statuses may be recorded including Never Smoked, Current Smoker, Ex Smoker, Refused and Unknown. Refused would indicate that the patient declined to be assessed.

For each status a different set of assessment fields may display.

For Current Smokers, you may record a Heaviness of Smoking Index and if you do, you will be asked to check a box to indicate that you spoke to the patient about quitting smoking.

If the patient indicates that they would like assistance to quit, you may create a referral that can be sent internally, directly from this screen.

Smoking assessments produce two reportable patient data types in Observations:

  • Smoking Status
  • Heaviness of Smoking Index
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