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Lifestyle Assessments

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MMEx includes a range of lifestyle assessment tools

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Substance Use

Each is controlled by a user permission and so can be turned on or off depending on your role.
You can access the assessments by clicking on an icon in the status section of the patient demographic header, or by access the dedicated tab in the clinical record. Access those tabs from the patient widget, the navigator or by clicking on the relevant icon.

Saving a lifestyle assessment will:

  • record the outcome as an observation
  • mark off any care plan activities that are linked to the controls or the resulting observations
  • display the outcome of the assessment when you hover over the icon
  • display the outcome of the assessment wherever you can see the assessment control:
    • care plan activities
    • health checks
    • GPMP forms
    • other forms.

MMEx includes a range of lifestyle assessment tools.
Each is controlled by a user permission and so can be turned on or off depending on your role.

Lifestyle assessments can be accessed in the clinical record.
You will find links to the assessment pages in the Navigator and in the Patient Widget.

via the Navigator or Patient Widget

There are also direct links to each assessment in the Status section of the Demographic Header
Clicking on the icon opens the assessment page in a pop up window, whilst hovering your mouse over an icon causes a brief summary of the most recent assessment to display.

Alcohol summary example:

Smoking summary example:

Illicit Substances example:

Substance Misuse example:

Whilst there are three different types of assessments for drug use, many organisations choose one they wish to use, or choose a simple screening for general clinical staff and Substance Misuse for specialist AOD staff.

Lifestyle screening

Alcohol, smoking and standard drug assessments are included in a range of health assessment forms to make it easy for clinicians to screen patients. They appear in forms like this: You will see a summary of the last assessment and an edit button to add a new assessment. On some forms you will see a Mark as Unchanged button. This will record the review as having taken place (marking off the careplan activity), without changing the details.

In the Custom Health check, the drugs module that will display will depend on your user permissions.


Click on the page link for more details about each assessment:

Illicit Substances
Drug History
Substance Misuse

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