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Sexual Health

When requesting a pathology test from a new STI Episode, the pathology documents will automatically have Sexual Health privacy setting applied and consequently will only be visible to users the Sexual Health permission applied to their profile.

Access to sexual health can be given on request.

From the Patient Record, click on the Patient Widget and select Sexual Health from the Speciality column.

The Sexual Health Module will be displayed.

Recording an STI Episode

STI Episodes
Click on Add New Episode, fill in all applicable details in the STI Episodes then click Add STI Episode.

Clicking on the provide medications now button will allow the clinician to select the medications to be added as shown


Any allergies and interactions will be highlighted as shown below


After everything has been checked, the STI Episode can be added.

Further information about the Sexual Health module can be found here.

STI Management

To standardise management of STIs at JPHS a process of Care Plans, and progress notes has been developed.

The standard process to follow is:

Five progress note templates and five Care Plans have been developed. These outline the standard and recommended treatment for a patient with the relevant diagnosis.

When a patient is diagnosed with an STI, the relevant Care Plan is applied. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Start the patient's treatment.

If the patient is not present, add the relevant progress note template to the clinical record.The progress note provides an outline of the treatment plan for the next clinician who has an interaction with the patient.

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