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Insights Quick Start Guide

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An introduction into how to login and navigate throughout the Insights environment.

Logging In

Navigate to ISA Insights at On this screen you will be able to enter in your username and password.

After logging in you will see a screen similar to this:


On this main screen you will see 4 different folders:

  1. Insights Data Sources
  2. Insights Reports
  3. My Data Sources
  4. My Reports

The Insights Reports folder contains all of the reports curated and managed by the ISA Healthcare team, and will be your main point of call when looking at your data.
To navigate to this folder, just click on the folder's name in the previous view and you should see something like this:

Each report will have a group of dashboards that will provide different views of the data. By clicking on the report you want to see, you will be provided with a list of dashboards to choose from:

By clicking on one of the dashboard you will be taken to that dashboard.

Future Steps

In this document we described the way to login to ISA Insights, as well as navigate to a dashboard to visualise some data. The next section provides links to more documentation that will be able to assist you further in using the ISA Insights product.

Further information

Please use the links below to get further information

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