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Intake Form

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The Intake form is designed to be used by an Intake service to record details about a person making contact (or a person for whom a referral has been received) with your organisation who is not yet registered as a client.The form can be accessed though the Duty Register module. A Duty Register needs to be created for your organisation, and permission to access it given to users.

Create an Intake Form

Once inside the Duty Register, click on the Create intake Form button. Record details of a First Response, if this took place prior to the Intake Form being created, and record referral details if a formal referral has been received.
Use the Upload File function to attach documents. If the client is a previous client, you may select them from your patient list. if they are new to your service, you can record main demographic and contact details in the Client section. You can also record a summary of the initial conversation/contact in the Details section. The Risk Assessment section can be used to summarise or outline initially identified issues. Complete the remaining fields about other services involved and further assessments required before recording Further Actions for the Client. You may allocate a Status and a Priority to the Client.

If the Client making contact is to have a Patient record created, you may do this by clicking on Create Patient record at the Top or bottom of the form.

Click Save

Closing an Intake Contact

Once the Patient has been accepted into the service, mark the file as Completed and click Save.

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