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Injury Management


Workers Compensation assessments are undertaken on the Injury Management Page.

From the Patient Record, click on the Patient Widget and Injury Management from the Speciality column,

Completing an Assessment

If the visit is for a new Case, click on Add Problem and enter the Problem Name. (The list is populated by the SNOMED database). Create New Case is only to be used when the patient has a subsequent and different workers comp injury. Claim Number is provided by WorkCover after claim has been submitted by employee. This can be entered at a later date. Enter the Date that the Problem first occurred (not the date of the first GP visit) Click Save

If there is an existing WorkCover Case in place select the case from the problem list. Clicking on the current case will open the Assessment Tab. Work through the form. You cannot save until all areas marked with a red asterix are completed.

The Assessment screen will open to allow you to enter information for the Initial Presentation

NB: Notes, Medications, Documents and Results are the same tabs that are in the Patient Summary Screen. Therefore you can work with these fields from within the Injury Management Speciality module.

Initial Presentation

To undertake the Initial Presentation, fill in information in the form, working through each section from top to bottom.

Sections marked with a red asterix MUST be completed in order to save the form. The form cannot be saved unless this information is added (ie the form cannot be saved part way through)

Employer details – these should be recorded in the Patient Details section of the patient record. Refer here for additional details about recording Employer details. To change the patient's employer click on the Edit Patient Employer link This will open the Patient Details in a new tab. On the demographics tab, select a new employer from the Client search field. To add a new employer to this list see here.

Investigations can be ordered from within the Injury Management module. Tick the relevant box/s then click Order to open new boxes

  • Imaging – click Print to open PDF - when completed click Red X button at top right hand of box. This will save to Documents
  • Pathology – clicking Print will save into Documents

Medications Dispensed – clicking Yes will open a new field. Click on the Medication button to open the prescribing module. Click Add & Close when finished with Medication

Referral to Specialist and Referral to Allied Health – Enter Specialist/Allied Health name into free text. Click Letter to open up Letter Writer with the specialists name now entered. Select relevant template and enter information. Click Save and Close when finished.

Enter Dates for Fitness to Work. Tick the Unknown box if you do not know the estimated time to return to normal duties.

When all information, including ALL fields marked with a red asterix, have been completed, Click Save Assessment. If information is missing, a red note will appear asking you to complete specific information – when this information has been entered correctly, the form will save when you click Save Assessment.

Click Completed, and again click Save. There will be a notification in red when the form has been saved. Once finished tick the Completed box, then Save Assessment and Close Assessment you can print the certificate and claim forms. These will save to the Documents

Clicking on Print Certificate will generate a PDF form for the Workers Compensation Medical Certificate.

Clicking on Print Claim Form will print PDF of the WorkCover Claim Form that the patient needs to submit to their employer ( if this has not already been completed by the patient with their Employer)

Progress / Review Assessments

Select the Problem from the list in the Speciality / Injury Management module

This will open a partly completed assessment utilising information from the initial assessment. Enter information as previously. Ensure all fields with red asterix are completed. Click Completed and then click Save Assessment Click Print Certificate. Click Close Assessment

This will now show as an On-going Claim in the assessment list. For all subsequent follow-ups click Add Assessment

To return to the front page of the Specialty Tab click on the Problem List Tab.

Information Generated through Assessments

  • Documents will be generated and saved into the Documents tab. Certificates can be reprinted from the Documents tab if needed
  • Medications prescribed during the assessment will be visible in the Medications tab
  • The Assessment information will be entered into the Progress Notes of the Patient Summary

Click Update to show the Recent Patient Actions and to add information to the progress notes.

Print View

Edit a Claim
To eidt the Claim click on Speciality on the left hand menu and return to Injury Management. Right click to Edit

Recording Employer Details

MMEx has the capacity to manage large-scale workplace health and safety and employment health programs. Consequently, employers need to be recorded in an “employer database” - in MMEx referred to as Client Administration.

In order to be able to create Employer records, so that users can select them from a list, you need to ensure that you have the Injury Management Client Administration permission set to Allow - contact your Organisation Administrator or MMEx Helpdesk to activate this permission.

Adding an employer to a patient

Go to the Employment tab of the patient record.

In the Client name search box, enter part of the employer/company name to search the global client list. Highlight and select them to populate details in the other fields.
Record the patient's Occupation here.

This information will now auto-populate any Workcover documents and also populates the Occupation field of the Social & Occupation tab of the patient record.

Recording Compensation Claims

Compensation claims of all types can be recorded on the Compensation tab in the Patient Details Screen.

Open the Tab, then click on Add Compensation Record

Enter the Employers Details, and other relevant information, then click Add.

NB: At present this information does not populate nor is it populated by employer/employment details entered elsewhere.

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