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To interact with your organisation's imprest, you will need the appropriate permissions to be assigned to you by the Organisation User Administrator.

The organisation should have one (or more) person to be assigned responsibility for:

  • managing the imprest set-up,
  • reviewing and Approving orders, and
  • periodically reviewing stocktake and imprest Logs.

The organisation should also have a designated person(s) to be responsible for:

  • conduct stocktake,
  • create and submit orders,
  • check orders and
  • update the imprest when orders are received.

Users of the imprest should advise the Imprest Manager when items need to be added or removed from the imprest.

A suggested workflow is included below.

Imprest Workflow

Create an Imprest

On Settings in the side menu, you will find the Imprest Management links

Select imprest properties from the imprest menu options.

Click on Create new Imprest.

On this page you define the features of your imprest, nominate your order recipients (who can authorise an order) and which users will have access to manage the imprest.

  • Imprest Name - your imprest will appear with this name in the prescription windows
  • Description - space for a longer description of the imprest.
  • Default order recipient - this person will be the usual person to receives the orders for this imprest - usually the prinicpal pharmacist/supplier of imprest contents
  • Allowed order recipients - names of others who may receive orders for supplying the contents of this imprest.
  • Allow Organisation Users Write Access - checked by default, this allows all users to be able to access the imprest's contents and record items being added or removed.
  • Add New item Category - you can create categories for items in your imprest. This can assist with ordering and stocktake.

User access permissions can be modified by returning to the imprest list and clicking on Edit. You will be able to add and remove the permissions on an individual basis.

Managing the Imprest

Choose Manage Imprest from the imprest menu options.

If the imprest you wish to manage has already been created, select the desired imprest from the drop down list to begin.

Setting up the Imprest

With your Imprest selected click on Add New Item to begin set-up.

This opens a pop-up window where you enter all relevant information about the items you wish to track in the Imprest.


  • A medication can be selected using the MIMS picker. Once selected the Product Name, Formulation and Strength are prepopulated.
  • Units per Pack - The number of Units in a Pack, where a Unit is the smallest fraction of a Pack that could possibly be dispensed at once. Set it to zero or leave it blank if you only want to dispense whole packs. NOTE: This cannot be changed once partial packs have been dispensed.
  • Initial Stock - The number of this item that is currently in stock. Ideally this number should be entered at the time of adding the New Item.
  • Low Pack Warning Level - The stock level at which users should be shown a warning that stock is getting low. Set it to zero or leave it blank if you don't want warnings for this item.
  • Usual Pack Level (for restocking) -The desired maximum number of packs to achieve after re-stocking, this is used to automatically generate an order statement.
  • Extra Information free text box. Information added here is available to see in the medication module of the clinical record when selection an imprest item. The extra information will be a maximum of 55 characters and will show as an appended note in brackets next to the drug name, medication grid and imprest grid.
  • Location allows you to record the physical location of the medication. Locations display in alphabetical order then the imprest items are sorted in alphabetical order within the group.
  • Barcode can store a barcode in the “Barcode” field by having the cursor in the field and scanning the medication barcode. If the barcode is available in the MIMS database it will prepopulate with the barcode number and be un-editable. This stored barcode will be used to verify the medication when a medication event (dispensing, supplying, and administration) occurs.

Schedule S100 is selcted by default.

For additional information about the S100 -Supply of pharmaceutical benefits to eligible remote area Aboriginal Health Services under section 100 of National Health Act 1953 refer to PBS and Department of Health - Indigenous PBS

Adding Medications to Imprest

If the user adding the medications to Imprest has MIMS and Prescribing access, they will be able to search for medications to add using MIMS. This will provide a list of medications to select from.

Key details including Formulation, Strength, PBS Code and Units per Pack will auto-complete. You will still need to select the Schedule and order-related preferences.

Workflow suggestion: It us recommended that medications are entered into an imprest by someone who understands medications and prescribing than by someone with a purely administrative role.

Updating Stock Levels (Initial)

If you did not enter the Initial stock at the time of adding the item, you may update the stock level by selecting an item from the list. There are two options for doing this.

  • In the Adjust Stock Level section, enter the actual number of items in stock. Click the Update Details button

  • Enter the number of full packs in stock and the number of loose units - i.e. the number of individual items in open packets.

Record the disposal of medication from the imprest. Includes expired, damaged or lost medication.

If this action is successful, you will see a green confirmation message.

Workflow tip: It is advisable that your organisation has a policy or procedure about when new packets may be opened to minimise the number of loose units that need to be counted and tracked.

Removing Items From Imprest

When an item is no longer held in the imprest, it needs to be archived. This will remove it from view, but retain all records associated with it.

From the Manage Imprest screen, click on the item you wish to edit. Check the Archive Item box and click the Update Details button.


At a glance you can see when your stock has dropped below it's minimum levels. Low-Stock items are highlighted in pink and display the symbol.

Access the Imprest menu and select Orders

To commence a new order, click on the Add New Order button.

This opens the Order Summary page.

Select from the list. the items you wish to review for the order. You will be able to see your customised Categories here.
You may also check the Hide items in stock box so that you only see items that have less than the set Low Pack Level remaining in the imprest.

Filtering by the organisation's preferred categories will look like this: in the first list, no stock has dropped below the specified Low Pack Level, so no default ordering has been populated. In this second list, only one of the items has less than the specified Low Pack Level, and To Order has defaulted to amount specified as the “Usual Pack level” during set-up

In both lists, I can override the To Order level and specify what is to be ordered. If the number of items ordered is more than the Usual Pack level, an alert will appear to prompt you to revise the number.

When completed, click Add The order is now saved as a draft.

Workflow Suggestion: Unless you are the person designated by your organisation to Approve and Submit orders, do not click Finalise and Send. Send a message to the person who is authorised to Approve and Submit orders advising them that the order is waiting approval and submission.

Approving and Submitting Orders

When you receive advice that an order is awaiting approval, go to Manage Orders..

You will see a list of orders. You can filter by Current or Archived orders, and sort the list by clicking on column titles. Those with the Status of Draft are awaiting Approval.

Click on an order to open it. Review the contents, amend if necessary and click Update and Send to Supplier to Approve and Submit the order.

The order will now show as Sent, with the date it was sent noted. If you select Print you will have the option to Export the List to Excel.

If the order needs to be faxed (if the supplier can't accept electronic orders) click Print and process as Usual. If you need to keep a copy of the order outside of MMEx, click Print and save to a hard drive.

Receiving an Order

When order arrives, check the stock against the invoice and order placed. On the Manage Orders Screen, select the order that was received.

The order now has additional columns.

Taking note of the Supplier can Send Amount, check the stock and enter the Received Amount. Note the subset quantity supplied for an individual - record the amount received.

  • Clicking All Received will enter the Send amount into the Received Amount Column for that item only.
  • Clicking Mark All will enter the Send amount into the Received Amount Column for All items.

When satisfied, click Update Order.

On the main screen, the Order will now have the status of Complete. Returning to the Imprest, the received amounts will be added to the Imprest and new Quantities will display in Packs in Stock.


Stocktake is the process of physically counting and recording the number of all items of stock currently held in the Imprest. This facilitates a number of organisational processes including Ordering, Stock Management and Quality Improvement Activities.

With the relevant Imprest Selected click the StockTake button to begin.

The page will open with a list of all items that have been entered into the Imprest, with the current number of Packs and Broken Pack Units listed in those columns. These numbers are generated from the initial set up, previous orders and StockTake activities, as well as from tracking the items dispensed through MMEx.

The Units Per Pack column indicates how many single units make up one pack of that particular item. This information is entered in the initial set-up.

Count each entire pack and units of broken / open packs and record the number in the Current Packs and Current Broken Pack Units columns of the StockTake table.

A barcode reader may be used to assist with the count and locating the record in MMEx. Barcode numbers need to be configured for each medication record.

When complete click on Adjust All Stock Levels, then Back.

Tracking Imprest Activity

All activities related to the Imprest are tracked. With the relevant Imprest Selected click the View Log button to begin.

The Log is searchable by item, and by User - including the option for Anyone. To search by item, record the Drug Name (or part of it) in the Free Text Box and click Search

The log shows all interactions with the stock levels of the Imprest, including Dispensing, Stock Level Adjustment (Stocktake), New Stock from orders as well as the original stock levels.

Click on Export to Excel to export the Imprest Log. This will allow you to further sort and analyse the data.

Pharmacy Orders

When an order is received you will receive a secure message advising that you have a new Stock Order Request.

The message will read:

You can access the order directly from this message by clicking on the Incoming Orders Page link..

Alternatively, Orders are filled through the Fill Order option, in the Imprest menu.

Click on the desired order to open it up.

  • Check the requested stock, against what is in stock in the Pharmacy and complete the Will Send column with the number of items you are able to supply.
  • Clicking on Fill All will place the Ordered Amount in the Will Send field for that item only.
  • Clicking Mark All will place the Ordered Amount in the Will Send field for ALL items.

When complete click on the Update button.

The Current Orders table will list the number of items able to be sent for that order.

Click here for information on producing the PB042 form.

Removing Items from Imprest

The Imprest can be set up to manage Medications and Consumables. At present MMEx supports tracking the removal of prescribed medications from the Imprest using the Dispense, Supply and Administer functions.

Prescribing from Imprest Stock

When prescribing a medication that is held in the Imprest, select the Imprest option, type in a keyword and click Search. Matching items in the imprest will be listed (with their MIMS properties) for your selection.

Once selected, the Medication details will be listed in the Drug field.

If the Drug Name you have entered is not held in the Imprest, the following will appear.

Dispense from Imprest Stock

From the Current Medications List, select Dispense from the Action drop down button

Complete the details in the Medication Event pop-up

Workflow Hint: If you are going to be supplying and administering the medication immediately, you can complete the Supply and Administer details in this window to make it a one-step process.

Click Print to print the medication label. The label will open in a new tab.

Reviewing the medications in the Medication Events List will display the Type Dispense.

Supply from Imprest Stock

From the Current Medications List, select Supply from the Action drop down button

Complete the details in the Medication Event pop-up and ensure you are selecting from the Imprest displayed in the Allocation field

Workflow Hint: If you are going to be supplying and administering the medication immediately, you can complete the Supply and Administer details in this window to make it a one-step process.

Click Print to print the Medication Label. The label will open in a new tab.

Reviewing the medications in the Dispensed Medications List will display the status Supply.

Administer from Imprest Stock

From the Current Medications list, select Administer from the Action drop down button

Click Administer in the Medication Event pop-up and ensure the Allocation field is from the Imprest.

If you attempt to administer medication in excess of the amount dispensed the following warning will appear. You will require a new script to be dispensed before being able to supply or administer the medication:

Reviewing the medications in the Medication Events list will display the status Administer. Where a medication is administered on multiple occasions, each administration date and time and amount is recorded.

Reviewing Imprest Stock

Dispensing, Supplying and Administering using the Imprest Function will automatically adjust the stock levels in the organisation's Imprest.

Where prior to this single unit of medication being prescribed there were five complete packs of the medication, the Imprest now displays there are 4 complete packs, and 9 individual units.

If the item being dispensed is an entire packet of medication, the Imprest will record a reduction of one pack.

Supply directly from Imprest

To activate this workflow the following medication setting needs to be set to Yes.

Go to Manage Imprest and choose the imprest you will be selecting the item from.
From the Action menu on the medication, select supply.

NB: This option will only be available on items that are unscheduled such as Nicotine Replacement Therapies.
Choose the patient you are supplying the item to, a Medication Event pop up will display that only shows the supply option.
Record the amount you are supplying, along with batch and expiry details and click Save

The imprest quantity will be updated with the new stock level

The imprest logs will store a record of the action,

And a record will be made in the patient medications on the Current Medications, Medication Events and Allocated Medications lists.

Imprest Log

The Imprest Log displays the dispensed medication, who dispensed it and to which patient it was dispensed.

You may filter by Drug Name, or user (Recorded By). The results may be sorted by clicking on the column title.

Aboriginal Health Services (AHS) pharmaceutical supplies request form (PB042)

Ensure that your order has been created for S100 medications - when creating the order filter for S100 item types and complete the order as required.

From the Manage Orders page, select the S100 draft order you are processing. To produce the PB042 form, click Print. Complete the relevant fields and click Print

The PB042 form will be produced as a pdf for printing or submitting electronically.

The Department still requires you to provide a signed Aboriginal Health Services (AHS) pharmaceutical supplies request and claim form (PB042) as a cover sheet on every electronic submission.

Please note: Please advise MMEx helpdesk of the pharmacy approval numbers of the organisations that will be using this form. We will report this information to Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch of Department of Human Services.

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