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National HPV Register

For information about the HPV register and reporting requirements please refer here.

HPV vaccination records held in the HPV Register are being transferred into the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). From 1 November 2018, the HPV Register will no longer accept HPV vaccination records. Further information for consumers, parents and immunisation providers is available here

HPV Immunisation Reporting


As at 2018, QLD and WA providers are no longer required to separately report on HPV vaccine administration. Notifications are sent via the Australian Immunisation Register. AIR provides regular HPV extracts to the HPV register.


HPV vaccination dose information is to be sent to the Health Department. The NT Health department will submit HPV vaccination data to the HPV register on your behalf.

GPs in all states (except QLD, WA and NT)

Three ways to notify:

  1. complete the notification form enclosed with the vaccine.
  2. vaccination extract from MMEx printed and posted to the register
  3. enter details directly to the HPV website as a registered user

School and Community Providers in all states (except QLD, WA and NT)

Three ways to notify:

  1. vaccination extract from MMEx loaded on to the HPV website as a registered on-line user
  2. enter details directly to the HPV website as a registered user
  3. complete the notification form enclosed with the vaccine.

Set up users for recording NHPVR events

In the user profile, check the box Notify NHPVR of Gardasil vaccinations and click Submit

In addition to Organisation administrators, users can complete this step themselves.

On the Immunisations tab, add an immunisation event, selecting one of the HPV Gardasil immunisation types.

When you click add, you will be shown a consent screen to record the consent details for uploading to the HPV register. Whilst this screen is not mandatory - you can close the pop up and not complete the immunisation consent and the immunisation itself will still be recorded - if you wish to provide the dose information to the NHPVR then it is recommended that you complete the fields.

The immunisation will be recorded and any linked care plan tasks will be marked as complete..

NHPVR extracts

In the Settings menu, select NHPVR - Gardasil Notifications for the National Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Register. On the NHPVR screen you will see alist of all patients who have had a Gardasil immunisation recorded by a user with the NHPVR function activated.

You will see information about the gardasil vaccinations recorded.

  • Vaccination date - the date the vaccination was administered
  • Patient - the recipient of the vaccination
  • Provider - the adminisitering provider
  • Date Sent - the date the immunisation record was extracted from MMEx to be sent uploaded to the NHPVR register.
  • Edit Button -
  • Mark Unsent/Delete buttons - Mark an entry as unsent in order to include it in the next extract; or delete the entry from the register extract.

A filter in the top left corner allows you to modify your view. Select your desired view and click Filter (at the right side of the screen to refresh the view).

Clicking on Edit will display the contents of the immunisation consent. Information cannot be added or edited here (despite the presence of an update button).

To create your report, click on Build Notification File. Data from the list will be extracted into a notepad file ready for uploading on the NHPVR website.
The file will be downloaded to your computer - bottom left corner of screen for Windows users, top right corner for MAC users.

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