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Health Check Pathway

MMEx includes a Healthcheck pathway that tracks and prompts patient participation in a range of activities that can emanate from completing a health check.

The health check displays for all patient with an indigenous status of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recorded.
This is recorded on the patient demographics page.

The link to the Healthcheck Pathway displays in the clinical demographic header.

Starting the pathway

When you first open the pathway onoly the top line will be coloured and the patient will be marked as eligible for:

  • PIP CTB Co-payment Measure Consent
  • Aboriginal Health Assessment (max 9 monthly, recommended annually)

Each of these will display with the red icon that means the patient is Eligible for these activities.

Open Patient consents and record a consent for PIP CTG Copayment Measure. Ensure the consent is recorded with an expiry date where this is required.

The PIP CTG item will be marked as Green for completed, not billed.

Clicking on the INFO button will display the consent date in a small pop up.

Complete Health Assessment (Health Check)

To trigger the remainder of the health check pathway, complete a health check and bill for it.

The INFO icon for the health assessment will turn green and the Info buttons will appear for:

  • Allied Health follow up visits
  • Nurse follow up visits

As these visits are billed, the INFO icon turns yellow to indicate that one or more of the funded visits has been billed.

Click on the info button to see how many remain available.

The INFO icon turns green when all funded visits have been billed.

Chronic Disease Pathway

With a health check completed and billed, when a disease management care plan is applied, the Chronic Disease pathway is activated.

The pathway is triggered when a care plan with the type “Disease” is applied to the patient.

This also activates the GPMP pathway as an option for the patient.

Add a PIP IHI consent to the patient record

This activates the CCSS (Integrated Team Care) pathway with a prompt that the patient may be eligible for Supplementary Services through the ITC program.

GPMP Pathway

When the Health Assessment pathway is opened (health check completed and billed), the GPMP (721) and TCA (723) branch is activated.

Complete the GPMP and bill Medicare for a 721.
The info icon turns green and the remainder of the GPMP branch is activated.

The INFO button colour and info pop up will provide additional information about the number of items potentially available for billing.

Mental Health Pathway

The Mental Health pathway is triggered by the global “MENTAL ILLNESS” care plan.
(At this time a cloned version of the is care plan will NOT trigger the pathway branch. This will be addressed)

Apply the stated care plan to the patient, the Mental Health branch will open.

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