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Getting Started with MMEx

Logging in to MMEx

MMEx works through any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

First connect to the MMEx webserver by typing the URL below into the address bar of the browser, which will lead you to the MMEx login screen.

Depending on your organisation's security preferences you will either log in with a Username/Password combination or an email address. Your organisation administrator will advise you of your details.

On the log in screen enter the username/email as is relevant and click Next.
You will be prompted to enter a password and then logged into MMEx, or if using external authentication (email log in) you will be logged in to MMEx directly.

On logging into MMEx for the first time with a username/password combination you will be redirected to the change password screen. Enter your one-time password and create a new password, entering is twice. Click Change. You are now logged in to MMEx.

You will be asked to accept the End User Licence Agreement, and if you will be using MIMS, to read and acknowledge how the MIMS interactions function. Once accepted you will be redirected to your landing page.

If you have multiple linked accounts for different clinic locations, you can switch to your the account for the relevant location using the user menu in the top right corner of your screen.

Resetting MMEx Password

If your password is not working, or you have forgotten the password for your MMEx account click on Forgot Password on the log in screen.
You will be asked to enter your username Then you will see advice to check your emails for the password reset instructions.
NB: If your organisation uses external authentication to manage accounts you will be redirected to reset your password in that system.

Click on the link in the email that you receive and enter your username and the new password details.
The change will be confirmed.
Re-enter the username and new password to log in to MMEx.

The MMEx interface

After logging in you will be viewing the main MMEx interface, which by default will be displaying your Inbox.

Getting help with MMEx

To get help from the MMEx Support Team,

  1. Send an email to
  2. Call the helpdesk team on 1 300 722 926
  3. Click on the help menu icon at the top of the page.

A contact form pop-up will appear, type your query in the text box. Click Send email.

The email is sent directly to MMEx helpdesk. They will then contact you directly about your issue.

Providing sufficient information in your email will enable the helpdesk team to provide support more efficiently. Include information such as:

  • I was on this page…
  • I was doing this…
    • what were you trying to do?
    • For example: “I was trying to add a reason for contact in the progress notes”
  • When I did this….this happened/didn't happen…
    • state specifically what you did that either did or did not work.
    • For example “When the progress note is saved the reason for contact is not longer there”
  • Does it happen for you only or for anyone who opens that file?
    • For example…“my colleague who is a nurse tried it and it worked for them”
  • Does it happen in all patient records or only this patient record?
    • For example…“it is only this patient record - I have tried in two other records and they work ok”

Personal Preferences

Preferences: Profile Settings

To edit your profile settings:

Click on My Profile in the Preferences section of the Settings Side Menu.

Your user profile will open. You can add or change any of your details using the text boxes. To save the changes, click the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Mandatory Fields:

(MMEx wont let you submit your preferences unless these fields are complete)

  • Title
  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail
  • Telephone Number

Clinicians, please ensure that your provider and prescriber numbers (if relevant) are complete and current.

For online Medicare claiming and provider type must also be filled in.

  • General - you do not require a valid referral before you can bill Medicare for services delivered
  • Specialist - you require a valid referral before you can bill Medicare for services delivered


If you would like to include a signature, click the Show Signature link. Click Edit. A large text box will appear on the screen. Here you can create or edit your signature. This will be included at the end of every message you send using MMEx. To format your text, use the buttons in the grey box at the top of the page. To save your signature, click Save.

Your signature will now show at the bottom of the Profile page. To save your signature, click Submit Changes.

Mark a form as a favourite

Your favourites list can be created directly from the Forms page.
Click on the star symbol to add a form to your favourites (turns red). To remove a form from your favourites, click on the symbol to remove a form from your favourites (returns to green).

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