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Intake Form

The Intake form is designed to be used by an Intake service to record details about a person making contact (or a person for whom a referral has been received) with your organisation who is not yet registered as a client.The form can be accessed though the Duty Register module. Duty Register needs to be activated for your organisation.

The Form:

You can enter new client details in the next section or choose an existing patient

Continue adding details as relevant including Risk Assessment,

The “Further Assessment (hYEPP) section has been expanded to allow for free text into be entered in sections.

Further actions can be recorded and the status allocated.

Once completed, click on Create Client Record if you want to create a patient record, otherwise you have the option of Save or Print.

Closing an Intake Contact

Once the Patient has been accepted into the service, mark the file as completed and click Save. .

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