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Clinical Forms

Case Conference

Firstly select the patient who is the subject of the case conference
This will populate the form with details relevant to that patient.

Then record the participants and the start time

Click Save to save the form. Click Print PDF to print the form for other participants or the patient.

Clinical Handover Record

A form that can be used to transfer clinical information from one facility to another.

This form can be made readily available from a link on the Clinical Summary tab.

This is an organisation setting - speak with your Organisation Administrator to have this activated.

Click Add to save the form. Click Update to save any changes made to the form. This form can be sent to a another MMEx user for approval (acceptance) by selecting the receiving user in the Approving Clinician field.

The nominated user will receive a secure message link to this form. It is important that the patient record has been shared with the Receiving Clinician's organisation in order for them to be able to view the file.

The user clicks Approve to mark acceptance of the Handover.

The form is saved in the Patient documents with the Approver listed as the person who added the document

Clinical Data Review

This form allows for an efficient method to tidy up a clinical record and remove duplicates.

When you open this form, you will need to firstly, select a patient. You will then be presented with a summary of key Clinical Components of the record that are similar. Areas covered include:

  • Care Plans
  • Current Medications
  • Medical History
  • Allergies
  • Alerts
  • Family Relations

For each similar item you will be given the option to Keep or Archive the item.

When you have finished your selections, click on Finalise All Actions

Diagnostic Pathways

NB: These Diagnostic Pathways have been designed and developed for use with Royal Perth Hospital and will produce a request on their form. Other MMEx users would need to transfer the recommended Imaging test details to an appropriate form for their Radiology Provider.

Select the body system that you are investigating Then click on a description of your investigation. This will reveal a decision tree. Follow the decision tree until you reach a suggested diagnostic pathway recommendation. Clicking on the green Tick will display the suggested Test
Clicking on Request these Tests will take you to a pathology form for Royal Perth Hospital.

Clicking on Legend will display the Key for icons on this page.

Maternal Health Services

Form for recording general Maternal Health Services

Patient Summary

Firstly, select your patient. A one page summary of the patient is produced that includes:

  • Medical History
  • Adverse Reactions and Allergies
  • Medications


The Referral form can be used to send Referrals, Discharge Summaries, General Reports etc.
After selecting the patient and opening the form, select the template you wish to use from the drop down list. Templates can be created in Manage Templates using the template type “Referral/General Report/Discharge Summary”.

Click Insert Template.

Then give the Form a Title - secure message title, and nominate a Report Type - the title the form will display when it is saved in documents. If no Report Type is entered, the report will be assigned the type “Discharge Summary” by default.

Complete the referral by selecting the recipient Referred to and click Send.

These referrals will be sent and received via Secure Message.

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