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Allied Health Forms

MMEx includes a range for forms that have been created for Allied Health users and a range of specialty pages designed for specific clinical groups.

Forms are accessible through the Forms page, whilst access to these Specialty areas is through user permissions. If you do not have access to a page that would be beneficial to your work area, contact your Organisation Administrator or MMEx.

MMEx is always looking to improve and expand our specialties area. If you would like MMEx to develop a new form or section for you, contact us with your development ideas.

Diabetic Foot Check

This Form is validated Schoen et al. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research (2015) 8:73 and is designed to be used by both podiatrists and non-podiatrists for assessing foot risk in people with diabetes in the primary healthcare setting.

The user is led through a range of foot observations and screening assessments.

Click on Calculate Risk and the user will see NHMRC Risk classification and Recommendations

Exercise Physiology

MMEx includes a comprehensive full body assessment form titled Active Rehabilitation Testing. This form covers assessment of ROM, Proprioception, Strength, Flexiblity and Function for:

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Lumbar
  • Thoracic
  • Cervical
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist

Physiotherapy Assessment

The Physiotherapy form is a multi-functional form.

The form can be used for

  • Hand Assessment
  • Peripheral Assessment
  • Spinal Assessment

Additional specific assessment modules may be requested, to be added through development.

The first part of the form is a general Patient History Collection form.

Once completed, from the Assessment type drop down menu, select the Assessment you wish to complete.

Each form saves in the patient documents and can be printed as a PDF.

Hand Assessment

  • The sketch tool can be used to graphically represent signs and symptoms.
  • Range of Flexion and range of Motion entries are recorded as patient data types which can be tracked over time in an Observations graph, or used for identifying a particular population cohort via Patient Reporting.

Peripheral Assessment

  • The sketch tool can be used to graphically represent signs and symptoms.

Spinal Assessment

  • The sketch tool can be used to graphically represent pain and paraesthesia.
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