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Family & Contacts

The Family & Contacts tab is used to record a patient's family and contact information including emergency contact and Next of Kin.

Click the Edit button to add information to the page.

Adding a Contact

To create a record of a Next of Kin, or other Contact, click the Add a Contact button.

a pop-up box displays how the contact will be created either linking to an existing patient or complete details manually.

If the patient family or contact is also a patient at your clinic you can click the radio button Link to existing patient. This will allow you to search for the family/contact in the Linked Patient field. Select the Relation to Patient type from the dropdown menu and click the checkbox if the patient is the Primary/Emergency Contact and/or Next of Kin. Click OK to save.

N.B. Both patient records will be mutually linked.

To add a contact by filling in details manually click the radiobutton Fill in details manually, select the Relation to Patient from the dropdown menu, click the checkbox if the patient is the Primary/Emergency Contact and/or Next of Kin. Complete the personal details as you have them - name and a contact number are minimum detail required. OK to save.

Once recorded, the Next of Kin and Emergency contact details will display in the demographic header, the name will be a hyperlink to a patient record if another patient is linked as the NOK or Emergency contact.

  • If linking parents/guardians and children, add the parents/guardians to the child's file and check NOK/emergency contact boxes at the same time.
  • To ensure that family members who live together are indicated as such, entering the full, correct address, as it is recorded in the patient's record will automatically mark the Living with Patient field as Yes.
  • NB: Addresses must match exactly

Editing Contact Information

To edit the details on this page you need to click on edit at the top of the tab.
This will also allow you to edit family history notes.
click the Action button relevant to the contact that requires updating. Click Edit to display the Edit Contact screen. When all changes have been entered, click OK to save the data in the Family & Contacts screen then click Save.

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