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Emergency Department

All patients who present in ED during Reception Business Hours for Primary Health Care treatment should be directed to register at Reception before coming to ED.

Remember every user must use your own account; never share your account.

When you log on to MMEx open to the ED Calendar.

When a Triage 4 or 5 patient presents:

During business hours

  1. Direct patients to Reception and the Admin Team will check Patient Personal Details and add them to the ED Appointment Calendar
  2. The patient will then come down to ED if it is for nursing activities eg phlebotomy / monthly Bicillin Injection / INR / daily medications usually performed by an ED Nurse
  3. Click on Calendar & select Emergency Department – your patient should be allocated to a time
  4. Right mouse click & click on underlined Patient Name – will take you into the Patient Summary


Outside of regular business hours

  1. Open the Calendar, select the ED calendar
  1. Double left click on the correct time in the calendar to create an appointment, Pick the patient, Add

  1. Left click on the appointment, click on underlined patient name

Check the Patient Personal Details

  1. If they are not in HBCIS they will not show in MMEx
  2. If your patient does not display in MMEx complete a HBCIS downtime form and fax to Townsville
  3. If they are in HBCIS but their personal details are incorrect create a task for Admin to update the patient information the next working day – see information on how to add a task

Conduct a Patient Search in MMEX

  1. Click on Patients from the side menu
  2. Enter Patient Name & Click Search
  3. Check you have the correct patient

Clinical Summary Page

From the Clinical Summary Page, you can see the Patient Demographic information

Completing a Consultation

  1. Use the ED Triage Sheets for all patient notes
  2. Complete MMEx for all patients who present for Daily Medications, Bicillin and INR as per below
  3. Once triage is complete all sheets should be put in the Triage Sheet box for Administration to collect
  4. Complete EDIS for ALL Patients
  5. If there is any consultation by a Doctor, they will complete notes in MMEx
  6. Any Billing will be be completed in MMEx by the Doctor

Daily Medications

From the Calendar Appointment, left click to see the hyperlink to the patient record. Go to the clinical summary tab and complete a progress note with “Daily Medications” as the reason for contact.

There is no need to complete electronic administration in MMEx.


Contact the Doctor to check the INR - they can check in MMEx whilst on the phone. Doctor confirms the dosage details and next review

Go to the Clinical Summary tab and complete a progress note with INR as the Reason for Contact. From Templates drop down menu, select ED INR test Result, click Insert Template.

Template reads:

  • Patient presented for INR
  • INR Result:
  • Contacted Prescriber to confirm dosage and date of next review

Doctor selects INR Doctor Confirmation template that says:

  • Confirmed with ED Nurse
  • Dose Post INR:
  • Next INR due:

Use the Medication Chart in the INR folder for the specific patient and record accordingly

Bicillin Injections

Step 1 - Administration From the Calendar Appointment, left click to see the hyperlink to the patient record.

Go to the Medications tab and select Scripts from the drop down menu.

Right click on the prescribed medication and choose “Administer”.

A pop up will open.

  1. Enter the amount to administer eg “1”.
  2. Add the Confirmed By name (nurse).

When you click on the magnifying glass the user selector window will display.

Type in the user name in the search field and click search. Clicking on the name will take you back to the administration window with the Confirmed By name populated.

The second checker needs to input their PIN.

Click Add.

Step 2 - Progress Note

Go to the Clinical Summary tab and complete a progress note.

  • Reason for contact should be recorded as Bicillin.
  • Select the Bicillin administration template, click Insert Template

End of shift

  • Check calendar for list of patients who have attended the ED.
  • Enter the patient and duration into EDIS for any that have not already been completed

Adding tasks for reception to Complete in HBCIS

Click Tasks from Facility side menu item

Click on new task

  1. Complete the Task fields
  • Assigned by & Organisation fields will default to your name and JPHS
  • Assign to – Choose Reception – this will then display to all Reception Staff on their Task List
  • Worker – leave unassigned so all Reception Staff can view
  • Patient – Click on Pick A Patient – search and choose your patient
  • Add your dates both Date Requested and Date Due
  • Choose Task or choose Other – Add Task
  • Choose Reason or choose Other – Add Reason
  • Comments – free text field, type in the task you wish Reception to perform
  • Importance – choose from the drop down list
  • Status – Choose Pending from the drop down list – Designating the Importance as Urgent will highlight the task with Pink
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