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Newborn Assessment

General Details

At the top of the form you will see the following fields for completion:

  • Date - will autopopulate to today's date. The form may be back-dated, but cannot be forward-dated.
  • Screener - search for the screener's name (usually your own) in this field. Where data may be inputted by an MMEx user on behalf of a non-MMEx user, the screener should have an entry created in the organisation address book. They will then be available for selection in this list.
  • Location - use this field to record where the screening took place. Create an entry in the address book for each screening location.

Refer here for information about creating entries in the Address Book.

Where recorded in the child's patient record, the child's parents names will be recorded on the form. Use the Edit Family details to link directly to the Family tab of the patient's demographic record. The parents' relationships should be recorded as Mother and/or Father to populate the fields.

Infant Screening for Hearing

Record any relevant risk factors, mark the result and note any further actions required.

Infant Diagnostic Test

Complete the fields to record the outcomes of the assessment and any follow up actions.


Either or both parts of the assessment form can be completed, but an overall outcome should be recorded for each assessment form completed.

If the assessment is complete, then mark the form as complete by clicking Save and Complete. A form that is saved, but not completed remains in draft (and therefore able to be edited by other users) until it is finalised. A PDF version of the form will also be saved in the patient documents.

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