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Ear Health and Hearing

From the patient record, click the Patient Widget and select Ear Health and Hearing from the Speciality list.

There are 2 filters can be used to refine your data;

  • Filter the list to view
    • All Assessments
    • Audiology Assesssments
    • ENT Assessments
    • Newborn Assessments (NB: visibility of Newborn Assessments is controlled by a separate role permission)
    • Screening Assessments
  • Filter the list to view either:
    • Active assessments
    • Archived Assessments.

Clicking on column headings will sort the assessments by ascending and descending order (alphabetical, date-order).

You can also click on any Assessment to open the assessment up for viewing, if completed, or editing, if not completed.

Preparing to use the Ear Health & Hearing module

You will need to add entries to your organisation Address Book that can be selected in the School, Location and Hospital fields where relevant.

MMEx provides an Excel upload template that makes this process simple. addressbooktemplate.xls

In the attached Excel template record any locations, schools, hospitals as organisations. These will then be available for selection by users.
The minimum data required to create an organisation in the address book is Name, Address Line 1 and Postcode, though obviously more complete information may be more useful to users in the Letter Writer etc.

For further details about creating and managing your address book see here.

Completing an Assessment

Click on the New Assessment button and select the type of assessment that you wish to complete from the drop down list.

Available Assessment Types are: (Click on the green link to access the assessment guide)

Audiology Assessment A comprehensive hearing assessment form for patients of all ages for use by Audiologists
ENT Assessment A specialised Ear Health assessment form that is used by ENT specialists. It includes some fields that are relevant only to Queensland Health ENTs, however the form and printout may be used by all
Newborn Assessment An assessment which includes an Infant Screening for Hearing section for initial newborn screening, and an Infant Diagnostic Test section to be used by Paediatric Audiologists
Screening Assessment A standardised screening assessment used for all ages (with a focus on school aged patients).

Archiving Assessments

Any incomplete assessment can be archived. You will find the archive button at the bottom of the assessment form. Completed assessments cannot be archived.

To view archived assessments, select the Archived Assessment filters. Archived assessments can be restored through the Restore button at the right side of the assessment row.

Below the assessments is the Ear Health Care Plans, when clicking on a care plan it will open up the relevant care plan in the patient record.

What happened to my old forms and Reports?

Previously completed hearing screening forms are stored in the patient documents list. Use the search function to locate these assessments. For your reference the previous forms were titled:

  • Telethon Child Hearing Screening
  • Newborn Assessment
  • Diagnostic Screening

Reports are still available to be used to report on data collected prior to 21/08/2017. To assist with interpreting forms created in the previous module the previous module user guide can be accessed here.

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