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Duty Register

This register records all the calls/walk-in information via the Intake Form. Duty Register and Intake form are configured by MMEx Administrators. Please contact helpdesk if you wish to utilise a Register for your organisation.

Permission Model for Registers

Organisations or users can be setup for access for each register. When access has been set up correctly, it will appear in the Facility Menu. Once a Register has been set up, your Organisation Administrator can give access to it.

Search in Registers

You can search for Registers in the grid by Date From or To, Action Status, Outcome of Allocation (list of users from the current organisation) or by Priority. Click Search after choosing one or more of the fields to be chosen for search.

Creating/Modifying Register Records

Register records are created via Intake Form. The user can go to an existing register item to edit the form. To edit, user needs to right-click and choose Edit form.

Actions on Register Items

There are five actions that can be performed on an item. These options are available by right clicking the item.

  1. Update Register Item
  2. Assign to Patient
  3. History
  4. Archive
  5. Add to Attempts

Update Register Item action will open a popup. The user can update the action status, Priority of Action, Action Due By Date and Outcome of Allocation. Any changes will be recorded in the History of the register item. NB: Outcome of Allocation field displays for entries that are linked to an MMEx record only. To make this field available, the intake entry needs to be linked to an existing patient record or a new record created.

Assign To Patient action will open a Patient popup screen.

Selecting a patient will assign it to the register item and appears in the grid view as a hyperlink. Also, the form linked to this item will be saved into patient documents

History action shows popup of history of all for changes/edits to the line item including all column headings and the user, date/time that made the change.

Archive will archive the register item to the archived list To see the archived list, click on “Show Archived” and provide a list of archived items To restore an item back to the current list, right-click on the item and select “Un-Archive”. This action will restore the item.

Add Attempt to Contact opens popup with:

  • Date: calendar choice – prepopulates with today (editable)
  • Time: time box – prepopulates with now (editable)
  • User: user picker – prepopulates with current user
  • Comment: free text box
  • History Grid of attempts with remove button beside each line
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