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From the Facility menu select Diagnostics/Reports to view all results for the facility. This tab displays all items received via HL7 messaging.

Or to view one patient's Diagnostics select Diagnostics/Reports from the Patient Widget.

Facility Level Results

Viewing Results

Multiple Filters:

  • Search by Keywords (Search Doctor, Patient Name (both assigned patient and patient name field of pathology result, Test Name, Facility columns)
  • Type (Pathology, Imaging, Any)
  • Filter By Org/Requester
  • Show Current or Archived
  • Show All, Reviewed or Pending
  • Show All, Assigned or Unassigned

Clicking on the Requested By, Patient Name, Test Name, Requested, Collected, Facility or Comment headings will sort the results in ascending or descending order ( alphabetical, date-order ).

A blue Patient Name indicates the result is linked to a Patient Record. Clicking the name hyperlink will open the linked patient's record.

MMEx uses a range of colours and status icons to assist with quickly identifying the status of the result

IndicatorWhat it meansRequired Action
Results Tab
Line highlighted pink Indicate an abnormal result - result outside of the stated reference range. The pink highlight is generated by the laboratory report, not a user assigned “abnormal” state.Review the result
Blank status field Blank if no actions have been taken since the result was receivedReview the result
Result has been reviewed N/A
Result has been attached to a requestN/A
Results have been marked as “Given to Patient”N/A
The Result has been updated by the LaboratoryReview the result again
or This order was cancelled by the Pathology ProviderFollow up with Laboratory
There is an error in the processing of the resultFollow up with Laboratory

The Action menu allows the user to:

  • View - view the result.
  • Reassign Recipient - when the result needs to be assigned to a different clinician
  • Assign Patient - For a result that is not assigned to a patient record, select the correct patient
  • Unassign Patient - To change the patient record the result is assigned to
  • Match to Request - Match this result to the request that prompted it
  • Archive - archive the result
  • Delete - permanently delete a result. Used for results received in error. Visible to users with Diagnostics/Reports Write permission.
  • Restore - un-archive the result and move it back to Current state
  • Move to Reports - enables you to manually move a HL7 message from results to reports if it has been incorrectly filed.

Imaging Results

Results will be categorised as “Imaging” if the report title contains one of the following words:

  • XRAY
  • X-RAY
  • SCAN

Processing Results

Assign a Result to a Patient Record

MMEx will only assign a result to a patient record if there are sufficient identifying details in the HL7 message that is received - this is usually patient first name, surname and date of birth. If any or all of these are missing or different, MMEx will not automatically assign the result to a patient record. This will need to be done manually.

If the result is not already assigned to a patient record, MMEx will suggest a patient record to assign the result to. and you can click Match this patient to accept or you can select Match a different patient.

Patient Record Level Results

From the Patient Record navigate to Diagnostics/Reports to view patient diagnostic requests There are three tabs that each contain different information:

  • Requests contains Pathology and Radiology Requests.
  • Results contains Pathology and Radiology Results.
  • Reports contains other reports that are received electronically via HL7 message, such as Discharge summaries.

The Diagnostics/Reports page defaults to the Results tab

  • The results can be filtered by Current and Superceded.
  • The Current filter displays the most recent versions of the result (regardless of if they have been archived on the Facility List).
  • Superceded results will be located on the filtered list.

Superceded results will also display with information at the bottom of the related current result so that the history can be viewed.

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