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Viewing Requests

From the Facility menu under Diagnostics/Reports there are multiple filters that can be used to refine your view of the data:

  • Search by Keywords (Search will search the information in the Patient, Requested By and Tests Requested columns. Typing Urgent into this box will filter the list for urgent items requests)
  • Type - filter the list to view either Pathology, Radiology or Any Requests)
  • Filter - filter the list to display requests by anyone from an organisation or by a specific Clinician
  • Show Current Requests or Archived Requests
  • Show Any Matched Status, Matched Only, Partially Matched Only, Partially Matched or Unmatched only or Unmatched Only
  • Show Any Completed Status, Completed Only or Draft Only

There is also a column that displays the Request Priority - Urgent or Standard

Clicking on column headings will sort the results by ascending and descending order (alphabetical, date-order).

A blue Patient Name indicates the request is linked to a Patient Record. Clicking the name hyperlink will open the linked patient's record.

MMEx uses a range of colours and status icons to assist with quickly identifying the status of the result

IndicatorWhat it meansRequired Action
Requests Tab
Blank Status fieldRequest still in draft stateComplete or archive the request
Request has been completedN/A
Lines highlighted yellow Indicate a result has not been matched to a request within a 4-week timeframe from request creation date.This is an indicator that the request is outstanding and flags the user to either follow up or archive the request.Match or Archive the Request
Date Requested cell highlighted red Highlights Red after 1 week if Urgent was selected at the time of request creation. This alerts staff to an outstanding urgent request to prompt follow up.Follow up and Archive
Results have been attached to the request, but not marked as matchedMatch all remaining results and mark as matched.
Result has been attached to a request and marked as matchedN/A

The Action menu allows the user to:

  • View - view the requult.
  • Archive - archive the result
  • Re-Print - reprint the original request form

Linking Request to Results

Open the request that you wish to link to results.
You will see the requested tests listed and a Match Results button adjacent.
Click the Match Results button. A pop up will open that will display received test panels that have not been previously matched to a request.
The default date period is two weeks after the request date. Select the relevant result to match to the request.
The result will be linked to the request.

Repeat until all relevant results are matched to the request, then click Mark as Finished
The request will be archived with the reason Results received.

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