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The Reports Tab at both organisation worklist and patient record level, displays reports that have been sent electronically via HL7 message as well as those received.
NB: At this time, reports received by HL7 message may still appear in the results tab. You may move them to the Reports tab manually by selecting Move to Reports from the action drop down list.

Reports that have been received as an attachment to a secure message, or scanned and uploaded are stored in the Documents Tab.

Viewing Reports

Multiple Filters:

  • Search by Keywords (Search Doctor, Patient Name, Test Name, Facility columns)
  • Filter By Org/Clinician
  • Show Current or Archived
  • Show Reviewed, Pending or All
  • Show Assigned, Unassigned or All

Clicking on the Doctor, Patient Name, Test Name, Requested, Collected or Facility headings will sort the reports, by that column's data, in ascending or descending order ( alphabetical, date-order ).

A blue Patient Name indicates the report is linked to a patient record. Clicking the name will open the linked patient's record.

MMEx uses a range of colours and status icons to assist with quickly identifying the status of the result.

IndicatorWhat it meansRequired Action
Reports Tab
Line highlighted pink Indicate an abnormal result - result outside of the stated reference range. The pink highlight is generated by the laboratory report, not a user assigned “abnormal” state.Review the report
Blank status field Blank if no actions have been taken since the report was receivedReview the report
Report has been reviewed N/A
Report have been marked as “Given to Patient”N/A
Report has been attached to a requestN/A

The Action button allows the user to:

  • View - view the report
  • Reassign Recipient - when the report needs to be assigned to a different clinician
  • Assign Patient - for a report that is not assigned to the correct patient record, select the correct patient
  • Unassign Patient - change the patient record the report is assigned to
  • Archive - archive the report
  • Restore - un-archive the report and move it back to the Current state
  • Move to Results as Pathology - allows you to manually move a HL7 message from reports to results (as Pathology) if it has been incorrectly filed.
  • Move to Results as Radiology - allows you to manually move a HL7 message from reports to results (as Radiology) if it has been incorrectly filed.

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