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Archiving Results

Automatic Archiving

Results are automatically archived when they are reviewed within the patient record. On the Diagnostics/Results tab, open a result and after:

  • reviewing the results
  • observing the generated observations
  • noting the result outcome
  • recording a comment (if required)
  • adding a task or recording no action

click on Mark as Reviewed

You will see the reviewing details recorded for future reference.

The result will be moved to the archived list.

At the Facility level, results will automatically archive when they are reviewed providing they have been previously assigned to a patient record.

Manual Archiving

At the facility level, when results are reviewed, they are not automatically archived if they have not been assigned to a patient record.

Results may be manually archived by clicking the Archive button.

If the result is not assigned to a patient record, or if it has not been reviewed you may see a pop up advising this and asking you to confirm that you wish to proceed with archiving the result. This is an organisation setting that may be turned off/on by your organisation administrator.

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