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For information about why cervical screening results requested/received through NCSP do not automatically match to patient data types or mark off care plan activities please click here.

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Diagnostic reports can be received directly into MMEx - this needs to be configured, our helpdesk team can assist.
These reports display in the:

  • Facility Diagnostics List - list all results/reports for all patients at your organisation
  • Patient level Diagnostics Tab - lists only the results/reports for that patient

Results display pink if marked as abnormal by the Diagnostics Provider and White if marked as Normal by the Diagnostics Provider. This colour is not changed by the outcome you record for that result based on your knowledge of the patient.

The most efficient way to review new results is from the Facility list.
All unreviewed results display on the Current list and reviewed results on the Archived list.
Click on the first result to view it.

  1. Review the report content*
  2. Record a comment if required
  3. Record your assigned outcome of the result e.g.normal, abnormal etc
  4. Create a task to follow up on the result if required
  5. Click “Mark as Reviewed” to finalise that result, archive it and move to the next unreviewed result

* Where an appropriate code (LOINC or AUSLAB) has been included in the report by the diagnostics provider, the results will be recorded as pathology entries on the patient observations list.
If a result is not automatically identified (“processed”) you can select the relevant observation from the drop down menu and record it from the review screen. If a code is included, but not identified by MMEx, please advise helpdesk of the code and result and we will add it to the system so it is recognised.

Diagnostics and Reports

You can access Diagnostics and Reports from two locations.

Organisation Level Worklist
To access the Diagnostics/Results worklist at an organisation level click on Diagnostics/Reports in Facility sub-menu.

The indicator number on the facility worklist displays the number or results and reports that are not marked as reviewed in your organisation (all levels of your organisation silo if you have a multi-level org). This indicator may be turned on or off in the Organisation Centre by your Organisation Administrator.
The main purpose of this list is to facilitate the review of results. Once reviewed the result will be archived in the Facility List

Patient Level
You can also access this information at a patient level on the Diagnostics/Reports tab in the patient record.
In the patient record the indicator marker indicates the number of results for that patient that have not been marked as give to the patient. This indicator appears by default and is not able to be turned off.

In both of these locations you will see three tabs that each contain different information:

  • Requests contains Pathology and Radiology Requests.
  • Results contains Pathology and Radiology Results.
  • Reports contains other reports that are received electronically via HL7 message, such as Discharge summaries.

The Results tab can be filtered by Current and Superceded. The Current filter displays the most recent versions of the result (regardless of if they have been archived on the Facility List). If results have been superceded they will automatically display in that filtered list.

Click here to watch the Diagnostics/Reports tutorial video.

Additional Information

Receiving Diagnostics Results in MMEx

MMEx can receive Diagnostics results, sent by Diagnostic Service Providers via HL7 messages.

How does MMEx receive the results?
MMEx uses a support client-the MMEx Client to retrieve the delivered messages from the folder where the pathology lab places them and upload them into MMEx for display in the Diagnostics module. This program is installed locally and configured with directory details.

Please email the helpdesk to request the MMEx Client file and installation instructions.
The MMEx Client is a zipped executable file - it may be caught in your organisation firewall - please look there if you were expecting to receive it, but didn't. Our helpdesk staff will help you to set it up using Team Viewer if required.

How does a Diagnostics Provider send the result reports?
Each provider (E.g. Sullivan Nicolaides, Pathwest etc) that delivers results electronically will need to supply the MMEx customer organisation with their pathology client (similar to MMEx Client) to install locally in the organisation. The pathology client is configured to deposit their files into the same folder that MMEx Client will collect the files from to upload to MMEx.

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