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Dental Management Plan

The specialty Dental Management Plan allows the user to complete assessments and create treatment plans for patients.
A user with Dental Management permissions will be able to record a dental treatment as it is delivered.

If you require this permission, speak to your Organisation Administrator.

Dental Modes and Items, used in the treatment plan are configured at the Organisation level. For further details refer to Dental Treatment Plans.

Access to Dental Management Plan

From the Patient Record click on the Patient Widget and select Dental Management Plan from the Speciality column.

When using the Dental Management Plan for the first time for that patient you will see an “Add New Treatment Plan” button. Click on this button to create a new treatment plan. If the patient has an existing treatment plan, that will display.

Treatment Plans

Click on the New Treatment Plan button to create a treatment for the patient.

Dental Health History

Pre-Assessment Summary.

Pre-assessment form
A user can fill in the Pre-Assessment by clicking the Pre-Assessment Form button.
If this form has previously been completed, the form will pre-populate with the last set of information entered.
Complete the form and click Save. The details will be saved to the Pre-Assessment summary grid.

Pre-Assessment Form PDF

The Pre-Assessment form can be printed as a PDF for the patient to complete by clicking on Print Pre-Assessment Form PDF button.

Pre-assessment Summary

The Summary grid displays information from Pre-Assessment Form; it is read-only.

Medicare Eligibility

Use this field to record the patient's eligibility for Medicare funded Dental treatment

Treatment Plan

Based on the user selection a interact-able tooth chart is displayed below where the user is able to select an option and click on areas in the tooth diagram to add a treatment.The tooth diagram consists of both 5 and 8 surfaced teeth, additionally there is a toggle between child, adult or both.The default setting is displayed which is dependent on the age of the patient.

By default, if the patient is over 12 years old then adult diagram is displayed, if less than 12 then child chart is displayed. the user can click the Adult Teeth, Child Teeth or Both buttons to change the view

Assessment - Dental Mode:

The user can interact with the tooth chart to mark the current state of teeth.

  • SHIFT + click = applies item to whole tooth
  • ALT + click = removes item
  • SHIFT + ALT + click = removes all items from tooth (re-sets tooth to blank)

Treatment - Plan Treatment

The user can plan treatments in sessions. when a session has been planned, click Save Treatment Plan the treatment plan will display underneath the tooth chart.

View Previous Dental Treatments Plans

After a treatment plan is completed it can be accessed at any time from the “Past Treatment Plans” tab. This is a ready-only grid which lists all the previously completed treatment plans.Each row is clickable, when clicked the user is shown read-only version of the previous treatments plans.

Completing Treatment

The treatments scheduled will appear in session groupings. Click on:

  • Complete to mark the treatment as complete.
  • Delete to remove the treatment from the plan
  • Arrow to move the treatment to the next session.

When Items are marked as complete, they appear green in the treatment plan.

Return to the tooth Chart, select Treatment: Completed Treatment Select the treatment type that was completed and click on the relevant area. The tooth will be highlighted to green to provide quick visual indication of completed and outstanding treatments.

Medication Section

This section will display all current medications that are recorded as being taken by the patient. You can prescribe, dispense, administer and supply medication from this screen.

Progress Notes

This section of the Treatment Plan allows the user to view and manage progress notes.

Treatment items which are flagged as complete are automatically added as text to a new progress note. This note can be edited and saved. If the user open the dental page within the configured time limit (organisation setting for progress note is defaulted to 24 hours). Treatments that are completed can be appended to the progress notes, if this not within in the time frame a new progress note can be created to record this information.

Completion Section

This section contains functions related to completing a Dental Treatment Plan

Print Treatment Plan
This will print any Treatments which are planned (Yet to completed) and Completed Treatments (as at time of printing). The planned treatments and completed treatments are shown in different section. Once the planned treatments are completed, the details are shown in the completed section.

This will open the letter writer in a pop-up.

Radiology Request
This will open the radiology request from the pop-up.

Create Billing Invoice
This will open a new billing screen with all the completed items pre-added.

Add Task
This will open task pop-up

Finalise Treatment Plan
When the user clicks on finalise treatment plan, it will finialise all the completed treatments and move them to the history list of previous treatment plans.

Dental Reports

Users with Dental Management Permission will be able to produce the following reports.

Dental Treatment Plan Summary Report

Dental Visit Report

Dental Treatment by Provider Report

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