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Patient Demographics

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Demographics is where key patient details are recorded.

Details entered here are displayed in the demographic header and support other functions in MMEx such as billing, reporting and appointment reminders.

There are a range of optional fields that can be made visible and / or mandatory by your organisation. A Mandatory field - indicated by a * - must have data recorded prior to you being able to create a new patient record or save any changes made.

Record a patient's Medicare and concession card details in the Identifiers section to facilitate billing functions.

The Demographics tab is where the patient demographic, contact details and identifiers (Medicare etc) are entered. This page is first completed when the patient is registered on MMEx.

Changes or additions can be made at any time by clicking Edit Details in the Patient Demographic Header section. Fields can be edited as required and click Save to retain any changes.

The demographic fields displayed on screen for collection and mandatory requirements may be different depending on your organisation. Fields can be configured by Organisation Administrators to show/hide and be mandatory/optional. mandatory.

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Family of ATSI

In addition to capturing a patient's indigenous status, some organisations wish to identify why a non-indigenous person is attending their service. If this attendance is because the person is a family member of an indigenous person, this can be captured.

With the Show Family of ATSI setting set to yes, when a user selects Indigenous status Neither a new option will display allowing them to indicate if the patient has indigenous family members.

When saved, this information displays in the demographic header .

When running reports and using letter writer template autofills, only the Neither will be displayed.


Organisations have the option to record consent for My Health Record or Consent for research from the demographics tab. These can be set as mandatory fields. You will see Unknown, Yes and No options initially, and if consent has been given you will see Yes and Withdrawn options. Selecting yes will automatically add this consent to the patient record.

You will be unable to interact with the Consent entry icon whilst you are looking at the Patient Details side of the patient record - the Consent tab is available on this screen for use.


It is important that a patient's identifiers such as Medicare Card, Concession Cards and their Billing Type is recorded here. This ensures that any bulk billing claims to Medicare can be processed. These identifiers are added to the billing information and is verified by Medicare before payment of any claims.

Record Medicare Card, Concession Cards and DVA Cards in this section of the patient demographics.

Other Identifiers

Other identifiers can be recorded here (i.e. not Medicare Number, Department of Veterans' Affairs, URN/MRN) by clicking Add and completing the data in each row. Other identifiers can include:

  • Concession Card
    • To trigger billing incentives concession cards must be recorded here, with a number and valid expiry date.
  • Custom Identifiers
    • Ad hoc identifiers that are bespoke to your organisation or region
  • Health Fund
    • Record private health insurance details
  • Identifier
    • Patient Record Identifiers e.g. URN, UMRN
    • Used by external source systems (if relevant) to populate known URNs for example.
    • Other identifiers required by your organisation including employee numbers, passport number, drivers licence number etc. If you would like an option added to this list please email

Once data is no longer valid or if incorrect, click the Action button relevant to the line item and click Archive. Click Show Archived to view archived identifiers.

If your organisation is eligible to claim Bulk Billing Incentive items, and has activated the setting to add this incentive automatically, the incentive box is automatically checked if the patient has a valid concession card recorded in Patient Identifiers.

Billing Type

Setting the Billing Type in the demographics page will automatically display in the Billing Create Visit Screen for patients. The Billing Type will override any setting set in the organisation; if neither is set the Billing Type will need to be selected manually each time a billing visit is created.


If the patient's address is in Australia, a button Same as Residential will allow users to populate the postal address with the same details.

Addresses that are not the Permanent Residential Address or Permanent Postal Address can be stored in the Other Addresses section. You can also create additional address records here eg patient's mother's address. Click the Add an Address button to add more addresses for the patient.

For ease of use, Other Addresses can be Archived or selected as the Permanent Residential Address (if recorded as Residential) by clicking the Actions button for the corresponding Address record.

Family & Contacts

The Family & Contacts section is used to record a patient's family information including emergency contact, Next of Kin. If the patient does not have any contacts, mark No Contacts to skip this section.

Add Contact

Click the Add a Contact button and a pop-up box displays how the contact will be created either linking to an existing patient or complete details manually.

If the patient family or contact is also a patient at your clinic you can click the radio button Link to existing patient. This will allow you to search for the family/contact in the Linked Patient field. Select the Relation to Patient type from the dropdown menu and click the checkbox if the patient is the Primary/Emergency Contact and/or Next of Kin. Click OK to save.

N.B. Both patient records will be mutually linked.

To add a contact by filling in details manually click the radiobutton Fill in details manually, select the Relation to Patient from the dropdown menu, click the checkbox if the patient is the Primary/Emergency Contact and/or Next of Kin. Complete the personal details as you have them - name and a contact number are minimum detail required. OK to save.

Once recorded, the Next of Kin and Emergency contact details will display in the demographic header, the name will be a hyperlink to a patient record if another patient is linked as the NOK or Emergency contact.

  • If linking parents/guardians and children, add the parents/guardians to the child's file and check NOK/emergency contact boxes at the same time.
  • To ensure that family members who live together are indicated as such, entering the full, correct address, as it is recorded in the patient's record will automatically mark the Living with Patient field as Yes.
  • NB: Addresses must match exactly

Editing Family & Contact Information

To edit the Family & Contacts section, click the Action button relevant to the contact that requires updating. Click Edit to display the Edit Contact screen. When all changes have been entered, click OK to save the data in the Family & Contacts screen then click Save to save the demographics screen.

Usual GP / Practice Details

The Usual GP/Practice section is used to record the details of a patient's normal General Practitioner, General Practice or if the patient does not have one.

Add GP/Practice Using Address Book

In the Usual GP/Practice section, select the Use Address Book radiobutton and select the Address Book entry by either:

  • Typing directly into GP/Practice field to display results using the search criteria
  • Clicking the magnifying glass to display a smart search screen which displays GP/Practice data in a table showing Full Name, Provider ID and Address to ensure the correct GP/Practice is being selected.

N.B. The MMEx Address Book and My Address Book entries will display for both workflows.

A user can Add Address Book - if the user has appropriate permissions - by clicking the Add Address Book button.

Once the details are complete, click the Save button to save the data.

Add GP/Practice Manually

If the GP/Practice details do not exist in the Address Book, you can manually enter the details by selecting the Enter Details Manually radiobutton which will expand the section and display fields to record the GP/Practice details. The Category, Organisation Name or First Name and Last Name are required fields to save a manual entry.

N.B. The manual entry is recorded for the patient only and will not be available in the Address Book for reuse.

Once the details are complete, click the Save button to save the data.

No GP/Practice

Click the No GP/Practice button to record the patient does not have a usual GP/Practice. If a patient attends your organisation where previously the GP/Practice data was not recorded (i.e. the No GP/Practice button is selected) and they now have data to record, click the No GP/Practice Details button which opens the section to record data either by Use Address Book or Enter Details Manually as described above.

Additional Patient Record Properties Information

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