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You can record consents on the Consent Tab in the Patient Record.
There is a shortcut to this tab in the demographic header

  • click on the speech bubble to view recorded consents and to add a new one.

The list of consents that you see is configurable by your organisation - you can add and remove them so that this list reflects your needs.

  • Uploading a document in a consent entry will add the document to the patient documents list as well.
  • Some consents trigger actions and access to specific features within MMEx.
  • Consents for Research and My Health Record can be managed from the Patient Demographics page if this is turned on at your organisation.

Consent, both given and refused, can be recorded and located two ways in MMEx.

A consent icon and direct link to the Consents page can be found on the Patient Summary screen.

Blank icon indicates there are no consent records in MMEx

Green check mark in the icon indicates that positive consent is recorded in MMEx
Red X in the icon indicates the patient has a refused consent recorded in MMEx

Hovering the mouse over the icon will reveal a summary of the consents saved for the patient

To see the details of these consents, or to add a consent, click on the icon. A pop-up window will show all current consents.

With the patient record open, access the consent recording page from:

  • the patient widget

  • the demographic header icon

  • or in the patient details view, the consent tab.

Click on Add Consent to create a new consent record.

You will see a list of available consents. These consents include:

  • Global consents - a shared list of consent types that your organisation can subscribe to or or unsubscribe from.
    • Some global consents are required for specific MMEx functionality to be accessed. See the Global consents link for more details
  • Organisation consents - a list of consents created by your organisation administrator.

Select the relevant consent type.
Depending on the consent selected you will see a range of fields for completion.
Written consent is always preferable. Click on Upload File to select the scanned, signed document from your computer files and upload it.

  • Consider the activities that your organisation undertakes that might require informed patient consent.
  • Consider which Consents should be sought at Registration for all patients and which should be sought at the time of a particular procedure or event.
  • Consider including in your organisational policies and procedures, for Consent to be routinely checked before activities such as referrals and sharing of clinical information are undertaken.
  • Where Consent is for a specific period, ensure that an end date is entered when the consent is first recorded.
  • Your organisation will need to develop forms and processes that support obtaining informed consent to share Clinical Information, Administer Medication (vaccination), undertake Care Coordination etc.

For further information, please refer to these publications as well as those available in your state or territory, or through your registration body if applicable.



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