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Tasks are like ‘sticky notes’. They are best used for patient recalls or reminders for non-routine activities (ie not routine management activities that are created or managed through ‘Care Plan Activities’)

In addition to the Facility level Tasks worklist that displays all tasks for all patients, tasks are available in two locations within the clinic record.

  1. The To Do List - Tasks Tab: displays tasks that are not completed
  2. The Tasks tab - displays all tasks, completed and not completed.

These both display tasks that relate only to the specific patient record being viewed.

Tasks Tab

The Tasks tab displays all tasks that have been created for the patient record being viewed.

Viewing and Sorting Tasks

In any of these Tasks screens, you may view and sort Tasks through selecting the Status options Status options include:

  • All Statuses
  • Not Completed
  • Upcoming
  • Pending
  • Completed
  • In Progress

The state of the Task entry (Current or Archived) and importance.

Ticking the Check box See All Tasks will display the task list on one page, instead of across a number of pages.

As with the Facility level worklist, there are a range of filters available to assist you to sort and search the listed tasks. Click Advanced to view additional filter options.

Managing Tasks

Right-Click will reveal a menu with a range of options to assist you to manage the task.

You can track your Attempts to Contact a patient about this task,

as well as Send a secure and encrypted message to the requester (the person who allocated the Task to you) and Archive the Task.

Add a New Task

To add a new task to the list, click on the New Task button. The New Task pop up window will appear

You can assign the Task to yourself, or to somebody else in your organisation using the drop down list at the top. Choose a group option from the Assigned to menu (eg Nurse). You can then leave the Worker box as unassigned or choose a specific person to follow up the Task.

Select the Task required and the reason from the drop down lists below. Select the status of the task, enter any notes if desired then click Add, the task will appear listed on the Tasks list.

NB:Designating the Importance as Urgent will highlight the task with Pink.

Wherever you see the Add Task button, clicking on it will open a pop-up window to enable you to generate a Task that will display in all tasks lists.

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