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Client Administration

A Client can also be considered as a patient's employer.
They are called “Clients” as the Service Provider organisation has a contract with that employer to deliver healthcare services.

Users can assign a Client as a patient's employer on the Workplace tab of the patient record.

To create data to select in the Client Name, Business Unit and Sub-Contractor/Company Name fields, you will need to go to the Client Administration page.
You will be able to see the Client Administration page if you have the required permissions. If you cannot see it, speak with your Org Administrator.

You will find the Client Administration page via:

  • a button on the Workplace tab of any patient record,
  • by using the global search field at the top of any side menu, or
  • from the Settings menu, Tools sub-section

Setting up organisation wide clients

Open the Client Administration page.

With the table view set to Injury Management, click Add New Client

Assign a Client number to the entry.
Complete the relevant fields of this page to record the Company/Organisation name, address, ABN etc as well as the WHS contact at that organisation.

You may also set custom lists for Business Units and Sub-Contractors/Companies

Once completed, save the record. It will display in a table on the front page.

If you require your list of clients to be shared across multiple sub-orgs within your organisation, please forward the following to

  • list of clients
  • client number
  • organisations that need to be able to select the client
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