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Child Health

Create a Client Record

Please note that an infant’s patient record can be automatically created when the birth is recorded in the women’s health page.

When the record is created, a Lifetime Surveillance Care Plan will automatically be selected for the child with a start date of the Date of Birth.

From the Patient Widget Select Child Health from the Speciality List.

Birth Details

Here you will see two Discharge Documents. One is the Birth Details / Obstetric discharge summary, the second is the Newborn Discharge Examination.

These Mother's pregancy and delivery information as well as the birth details can be added into the Obstetric Discharge Summary.

A more comprehensive hearing assessment is available in the Ear Health and Hearing.

Neonatal (pre-discharge) Examination details can be recorded in the Newborn Discharge Examination Form This allows options of Appropriate / not appropriate, accompanied by a free text field.

Child Health Checks

Subsequent visits and check-ups templates can be found by clicking on New Visit type and then selecting the appropriate visit template from the drop down menu

There are proforma for subsequent scheduled checks that are similar to the checks in state-based Child Health Records

0-4 weeks Health Check

6-8 weeks Health Check

3-4 months Health Check

8 months Health Check

Unscheduled Visit

Growth Charts

Information recorded in these assessment forms is able to be captured and pre-populates the system growth charts for easy tracking and monitoring.


Immunisation schedules are pre-scheduled into the careplan when a lifetime surveillance care plan is activated.

Immunisations that follow the schedule can be entered through Care Plan Activities.

Immunisations outside of this schedule can be added by following these instructions.

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