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Case Management

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Case Management is an extension of the mental health module that provides a case worklist for the organisation where users can access and manage multiple cases for multiple patients from one screen.

  • Access the facility level Case Management worklist from the Facility tab
  • Access a patient level Case Management worklist from the Mental Health Specialty page - link on the Patient Widget
  • Data entered into the case management module is protected by Mental Health privacy permissions automatically
  • Use in conjunction with Registers for a seamless screening > allocation > case management workflow'
  • MMEx reporting enables you to easily report on key KPI data such as case load, complexity, case duration and case closure reasons.
  • Case type, reason and worker lists are configurable - an Organisation Administrator can define these lists

Access case Management

Case Management is an extension of the mental health module with a user being able to manage multiple patient cases from one screen.

You can access the Case Management module from the Facility sub-menu

Accessing from the Case Management module will display all Cases for the organisation. The view can be sorted by Organisation or by user.

This can be used as a Case Management Worklist.

Clicking on a case will open that patient's record at the Case Details Page in the Mental Health Module

Accessing from the Patient Record will display that patient's cases only.
Patients can have more than one case with either open or closed status.

Creating a Case

To create a new Case, click on Create Case

Select your patient via the patient search.

Categorise the case and complete the required fields.

Allocated users (Case Managers) to the case. This will make the case visible in their worklist.

Once a case is opened, you will use the Navigator to scroll through the different tabs available.

Case Details

You can update the Case details and save any changes by clicking on Update.

Click on Start an Assessment to commence a new Mental Health Assessment.


The Notes Tab is a location to enter Progress Notes directly from the Case Management module.

Care Plans

A duplicate of the main Care Plans Tab of the Clinical Record. Mental Health care plans can be added and managed from here.


Add new Assessments and displays previous Assessments completed.


A duplicate of the Documents tab in the Clinical Record, you will find previously completed assessment forms saved here.

Upload new documents by clicking on the Upload File button. See here for further instructions.


View all tasks related to this patient.

Tasks may be filtered by

  • All
  • Completed
  • Not Completed
  • Upcoming

Tasks can be used to assist with managing client follow up.


 The Logs tab displays a log of patient record events.


Provides a visual indication of the linked relationships in the Patient file.

Closing a Case

Select the case you wish to close from the list and click on it.

Check the Closed box and record the closure date and reason.Click the Update button.

On the Cases page, the case will now appear in the Closed Cases list.

If the case needs to be re-opened, click on the case, and on the Case Details tab, uncheck closed, and clear the closed date and reason fields.

Mental Health Assessment

To save your Mental Health Assessment click on Add.

The Mental health Assessment can be located in the Documents. Click on the document Mental Health Assessment. The current form will open and be available for editing and updating.

When the form has been completed, check the Completed box in the top right hand corner and click Update.

The Mental Health Assessment will be locked, and view-able, but not editable.

Assessment tools completed as part of this Mental Health Assessment and separately to a full assessment - eg SSEWB, K10, will also be available in the Documents Tab.

My Patient

You have the capacity to mark a patient as “My Patient”. This may be of assistance to you in running a report on the sub-set of patients that you manage.

To mark a Patient as “My Patient” (and hence making it easy to filter your Patient Reporting by “My Patients”: In the patient search list, right click on the Patient name.

Hover the mouse to Add Tag and then click Add To My Patients from the extended menu.

Case Management Administration screen

There is some configuration required at Organisation level to customise drop down lists and the appearance of the Case Management Module.

Please refer to Org Admin - Case Management for details.


If you use our Case Management Module, you may benefit from using a Register -also know as a Duty or Intake Register. For more information see here.

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