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Cancer and MDT Meeting Planner

From the patient record click on the Patient Widget and select Cancer from the Speciality column.

Adding Problems

Select Problem Type from the drop down list and click Add Tumour/Problem

Your problems will be displayed on the Problems tab in order of diagnosis date. Click on the problem line you wish to view or edit.

The following tabs will display:

  • Overview - will be populated once information is entered into the relevant tabs.
  • Patient - Click Edit to add specific Patient Information, Patient Alerts, Medications, Allergies, Social and Family History will all pull through from the Patient Record if they had previously been added
  • Diagnosis - Click Edit to add diagnosis information
  • Staging - Add initial and subsequent staging information
  • Treatment - Add Planned, Delivered and Supportive Care Treatments
  • MDT - Add a Management Plan and continue to Edit. This can also be exported to PDF and printed. GPMP can also be added from this tab
  • Care Plans - New Care Plans can be added here. Any cancer related Care Plans can be tagged and added in this tab -care plans will need to be tagged by your Organisation Administrator. Treatment regimes could also be added to create specific Care Plans required for your Organisation.
  • Clinical Trials - Upload new documents or images and sketches
  • Notes - Add new Progress Note regarding the patient consultation. This will feed into the Clinical Summary main Progress Note for other clinicians to view. A green tick will display on the tab once Notes have been added
  • Log - A record of events where a tab has had information modified or saved

Ensure you Click Save Now once information has been input on each tab.
Click this link to Organisation Administration - CarePlan templates

MDT Management Plans

Click on the MDT tab and click Add a Management Plan or click on the existing plan to Edit

  • Add the Managing Clinician and Patient's GP. If they are existing MMEx users you can select from the search, if not click the Not an MMEx User and this will allow you to type in the field
  • Add Management Plan Format
  • Upload Images or Sketches
  • The Medical History, Family History and information from the other Cancer tabs that have been completed will populate the Plan
  • Further notes can be added in the Notes section
  • Click Save
  • Your Plan can be exported to PDF for printing or sending via secure messaging
  • GPMP can also be added from this tab

MDT Meeting Planner

The MDT Planner is the Planning area for Cancer Multidisciplinary Team Meetings.

From the Facility Menu select MDT Planner.

This page will display any Meetings Planned, Cancelled or Completed. New Meetings can be added here.
Click Add New Meeting

  • Add a Meeting Title
  • Add a Status - Planned
  • Organisation Defaults to your organisation name
  • Select a Problem Area from the drop down list
  • Add Patients - any patients that have been added in the cancer module with a specific condition listed in the Problem Area will be listed to select
  • Add Particpants - Non MMEx users can also be added here
  • Add meeting start date, time, duration and any comments

Right mouse click on a patient line and a number of menu options are displayed

These options allow the user to add information for each patient discussed in the Meeting. Continue to do this for every patient discussed.

Once the meeting has been completed click Save and Copy to New Planned Meeting to commence the process again.

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