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Export MMEx Calendar to Outlook

To export the calendar into Outlook, the user should click on Manage calendars.
The user must have Calendar Manage Permissions.

Please ensure that use of this function is approved by your organisation and that use is consistent with your organisations IT policies and relevant Privacy legislation.

Select ‘Export’ for the calendar you require to be integrated with Outlook (You must have access to the calendar to action this).

Select the ‘type’ of Export required.

  • Busy Only - Only your Outlook Calendar will display Busy at the times you have bookings in your MMEx Calendar - recommended as it maintains Patient Privacy.
  • Display Details - your Outlook Calendar will display the details of appointment bookings in your MMEx Calendar.

A link will be displayed; highlight and copy the link shown. Close the window.

Open MS Outlook and go to Calendar. Navigate to Open Calendar. Select From Internet from the drop down list.

Paste the URL link you copied into the window and select OK.

Enter your MMEx logon credentials. (Not Windows or your Network!!)

Select ‘Yes’ to add this calendar and subscribe to updates from MMEx.

You will now see a new calendar under ‘Other Calendars’.

Right mouse click the Calendar and select ‘Rename Calendar’ and add MMEx at the end of the name. (Or something you will remember)

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