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Book an Appointment

From the Calendar, find an available appointment time for the relevant clinician or clinic.

  • Double click in the time space. This opens a new dialogue box
  • The Calendar, date and time will default to the ‘space’ that you clicked into

If you have selected the wrong calendar, date or time, these can all be changed in this appointment details window.

Patients: select the patient for the appointment using

  • Pick a Patient (this opens the Patient Search function) or
  • Type patient name into Search box and click Search

  • Double-click on the patient's name to select them.
  • This will auto-populate into Patients

  • When: Check the date and time are correct
  • Duration: Select the appropriate length of consultation time from the drop-down box
  • Comments field is used for various purposes at each clinic – for example
    • Recording new patient information
    • Information regarding Transport
    • Noting appointment requirements (eg Health check, scripts etc)
    • Adding provider billing codes at end of consult
  • Referring Doctor (if relevant) select from the address book
  • Participants, Venue and Resources if used
  • Status, will display your organisation's default appointment status.
  • Type: will display your organisation's default appointment type.
  • Dental (if relevant) and displayed at your organisation.
  • Patient Reminders – click Send SMS Reminder if the patient requests AND an SMS provider has been set up for the Calendar.
    • If the following shows, then the calendar has NOT been set up for SMS reminders.

For further information on SMS Reminders see SMS Appointment Reminders

  • When all information is correctly entered, click Add

Appointments can also be booked: Click on this icon in the Calendar Screen

Right click on a patient in the Patient Search Screen Select Add Appointment

Clinic Type Appointments

The Appointment Type of Clinic is valuable where many/any staff will deliver the service. Multiple patient appointments can be created within the Clinic.

Clinic is defined as a session where a particular service is being delivered and multiple patients will be accessing that service. The intent is to show session times or clinics by the defined time frame for the Organisation and to record patients within the allocated service time.

Examples such as:

  • Visiting Specialists – there may be a consultant and 2 registrars that do a visit, so the type “clinic” can be used rather than an individual appointments.
  • Immunisation clinics – where 5 minute sessions are required the can be delivered by many staff with the immunisation credentials.
  • GP clinics – where more than one GP provides consultations during a drop in clinic.

Adding Patient Appointments to the Clinic:

  1. Once you have created the clinic in the calendar, patients can be added.
  2. Click on the clinic and there will be an option to Add Patient.
  3. The appointment window will open and you can add the patient's appointment details and save.

The Calendar will display with all included bookings:

You can update details for individuals booked into this clinic by clicking on their name:

Note: Any change to the clinic appointment will affect the appointments in it.

Group Activity Capture

MMEx can record the attendance of group appointments and apply a generic progress note to all of the attending clients.

Multiple patients are added to an appointment in the calendar as shown below.

Left click on the appointment to see all patients recorded in the appointment.

To create a bulk progress note and record attendance, right click on the calendar appointment and select the Record Attendance option.

NB: For 'Record Attendance' to be seen in the right click menu: * Multiple patients need to be added to the appointment * The appointment status must be configured as “pending”in the background - contact to have this done for you - it is a quick and easy step!

You will see a list of all of the patients entered into the appointment, with an attendance box pre-checked.

Any client who did not attend can be unticked and a reason for not attending recorded.

Notes typed into this field will be saved in the progress note section of the clinical record of each of the clients who are marked as having attended the appointment. The reason for not attending will display alongside the appointment record on the Referrals/Visits Tab of the patient record.


  1. It is recommended that you do not enter observations or client specific information in this progress note as this note will be added to the clinical record for all the clients who attended the appointment.
  2. You must select a Subject or Presenting Complaint from SNOMED for the Progress Note to save to every client's record. Enter a keyword, pause and a list of SNOMED options will display for you to select from.

The Appointment record in the Clinical Record-Referrals/visits section of the patient record will display the client's attendance status as shown below.

Bulk Move Appointments

At the top of the Calendars page, click on the Running Sheet button

This will open the Running Sheet page.

Select the calendar you want to move appointments FROM, and the date range.
Click Filter

Check the Bulk Assign (All) box and then click on the Bulk Assign button.

Select the date you want o move the selected appointments. Click OK.

The appointments will be moved to the new date.

Running Sheet

A running sheet is a exportable or printable report on the calendar which details appointments in a specific calendar over a defined date range.

At the top of the Calendars page, click on the Running Sheet button

This will open the Running Sheet page.

1. Select the calendar you wish to print the running sheet for, and the date range. For example, to print a running sheet for today, either click Print Today or enter the start date = today, the end date = today.
Click Filter
2. Click on the Columns tab to select the columns you wish to display in your printout.

3. If the running sheet is to be used for transport services, check the box for Include Patient Contact Info in Print out.

4. You may wish to print the information recorded in the comments box of the appointment, or include space for handwritten notes - select this option from the drop down menu.

Note: If selecting more than the minimum columns, change the print page setup to Landscape.

5. Click Print

Sending SMS & Email Reminders

In the patient appointment, the send SMS or Email Reminder box should be checked at the time the appointment is booked. The Calendar must be configured for sending SMS

By default, only appointments with a Pending or Confirmed status (set by MMEx Administrator) will generate reminders before they are due. If your organisation has defined a custom set of appointment statuses, please refer to your organisation’s internal documentation to ensure the selected status is correct.

The patient should have a valid mobile number or email address entered. Spaces may be entered in the mobile number field of the patient details.

Once the SMS or email has been sent, you will see a confirmation message in the “Patient Reminders” section when you open the appointment.

Printing Appointment Reminder Letters

On the Calendar page, below the list of Calendars, click on Reminder Mailing.

The Reminder letters page will open.

Select the date for you wish to print the appointments. Note: The From date is the date of the appointments you want to print. The Until date needs to be the date AFTER the last date you want printed. This guarantees that for the 24 hour period from midnight to midnight on 5th May, (in this example) will be selected.

  1. Select the Calendars (Schedules) you wish to print appointments from
  2. Select the Appointment Status (If the search does not produce a result for you, try expanding your search to All
  3. Select the Appointment Type

Click Next

You will see a list of the appointments that will be included in the print. You may uncheck any of the items to exclude them from the print. Clicking on Details will reveal the postal address for that patient, under the Notify checkbox.

click Next

You will be given the opportunity to upload a letter template, or select an existing letter template to use for this print run.

The document will download with one patient & appointment detail per letter.

Open from downloads and print.

Upload a New Template

If you need to create a new Template, on the template selection page click Upload New Template

Template files are Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx) that have special bookmarks or placeholders in them.

The following tags can be inserted into you document where and they will be replaced each time with the correct details of the appointment.

Tag to IncludeWhat tag will be replaced with
«DoctorName»Calendar name - may be a provider or custom calendar name
«PatientName»The full name of the patient
«AppointmentDate»The date of the appointment
«AppointmentTime»The time of the appointment
«PatientAddress»The patient's main postal address
«DOB»The patient's date of birth
«UMRN»The patient's UMRN if configured in demographics
Telehealth specific tags
«TelehealthRemoteSiteName»The name of the Remote site
«TelehealthRemoteSiteOrganisation»The organisation to which the Remote site belongs
«TelehealthRemoteSiteLocation»The location of the Remote site
«hfTelehealthLocalOrganisation»The organisation to which the Local site belongs
«TelehealthLocalCoordinatorName»The name of the coordinator for the Local site
«TelehealthLocalCoordinatorPhone»The Local site's coordinator's phone number

To include a current date use Microsoft Word's Insert → Date and Time functionality and ensure you select Update Automatically.

An example document is available here: Example Document which you may edit and them upload, or you can use another document.

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