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Access the Calendar on the Facility menu, or calendar icon in top bar of the screen. A list of the visible calendars at your organisation is shown at the left side of the Calendar screen.

  • Select the calendars you wish to open and click Apply Selection.
  • You may have as many or as few calendars as you would like. Create new calendars using the Manage Calendars link at the left side of the screen under the visible calendars list.
  • To book an appointment click into the empty space; select your patient, appointment duration and type.
  • You can drag and drop appointments to other locations.
  • Left click on an appointment to see the appointment details and patient file link
  • Right click on an appointment to see a range of administrative options including Bill Patient
  • Use appointment statuses to track the patient progress from booked to arrived to billing complete.
  • Appointment statuses & colours as well as appointment type lists are configurable. Send your preferences to to have a custom options created.

Accessing Calendars

Open Calendars by clicking on the Calendar link
on the Facility side menu.

View a Calendar

From the list of visible calendars on the left side of the screen, check the calendars you wish to view.
Click Apply Selection.

To remove Calendars from view, uncheck the Calendar and click Apply Selection

Additional Calendar information

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