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Visiting Doctor Workflows

Admitting a Patient

Click on New Patient to add the patient record.
Record required demographic details including Location.

When logging the call, select the billing type.

  • Bulk Billing
  • DVA PAperless
  • Direct Billing
    • Direct Billing will open up a new field where you record the cost of the service that is quoted to the patient.

Select the response status:

  • Not Dispatched
  • Dispatched
  • Not Assigned

Record the call time, the patient problem and any additional notes. NB: The data entered into the Patient Problem field will populate the patient's Invoice.

Click Save - the patient will be added to Patient Tracking.

Existing patient Open Patient Search and locate the patient. In the Right Click menu, select Put in a Venue. This will open the call logging window - record required details and update teh patient location if it is different to what is displaying.

When a doctor has been assigned to a patient, right click and select Edit. In the Doctor field, select the doctor who will be attending.

Managing Patients

When the Doctor logs in and opens patient tracking, they will see a list of the patients that have been assigned to them.

Mark Patient as Seen

When you have seen the patient, from the right click menu select Edit. Mark the checkbox adjacent to Seen. Click Save

Billing a Patient

After the patient has been seen, from the right click menu, select Billing.

Private Billing

Select Private Billing as the Billing Type.

You will see this message at the top of the visit that advises the cost quoted to the patient. Add a billing item - either templated or custom that matches the quoted amount. Click Save.
Click on Generate Invoice near the top of the screen and confirm this action.

Click on Mark as Ready for Payment

Scroll to bottom of screen and record the payment details.

To provide the patient with a receipt, click on Print Statement.

If the invoice needs to be modified and processed another time, click Save instead of Mark Ready for payment.

Bulk Billing

Select Bulk Billing as the Billing Type,

Type the relevant Billing type in to the Billing items field and click on the item to select it.
Select the relevant Billing items .

You can add additional Medicare information (eg Aftercare) by clicking on the Medicare Details Button.
Click Save.

Return to Patient tracking and discharge the patient.

At the end of your shift, on the Visits Tab, click on Add Visits to Claims.

You will see the following message - acknowledge by clicking OK. Visits without errors and in draft status will be added to the claim.

Alternatively, on the Claims Tab, click on Add Claims.
You will be shown a list of eligible visits.
Visits with no errors will be checked. Visits highlighted in pink have an error. Details of the error will be displayed. These need to be resolved before adding to the visit.

At the bottom of the screen click on Add Claims to add the selected visits to the claim you are creating.

Opening the claim you will see the visits listed. You can review the visit details or remove a visit from the claim by clicking the relevant button.

When satisfied the claim is ready, click on Send Claim to Medicare. you will be asked to confirm the action and the electronic claiming of these visits.

Discharge/End Visit

From the Right click menu select Discharge/End Visit
Record the reason for Discharge and any other relevant information.
Click OK.

The patient will be removed from Patient tracking.

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