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Select the ledger for which you wish to view quotes information.

The information displays in a table with the following columns:

  • Issue Date - date quote was created
  • Reference - Quote title
  • To - the named recipient of the selected account
  • Account - the account that will be billed
  • Amount - total of the quote
  • Invoiced - indicates whether the quote has been transitioned to an invoice.
  • Edited By - last user to modify the quote

You may filter the information in the table by sorting by column title - first click sort A-Z, second click sort Z-A. Additional filters include:

  • Keyword Search
  • Account name
  • Date Range

You may report on quote related information by setting the filters to your desired parameters and clicking Export.

Introduction to Quotes

Create a Quote

Click Add new Quote.
Give the quote a title and select the customer or provider account that you want to align the quote with.

The Invoice recipient will populate according to the account details.
Add the required billing items and click Save Quote.

After creating a quote and saving it, you will see buttons Generate Invoice and Print Quote

To provide the customer with a copy of the quote, click Print Quote

Generate an Invoice

To generate an invoice from a quote, click on Generate Invoice.
You will see this confirmation window - confirming is an important step as creating the invoice places a debit entry on the customer account. Click OK if you wish to proceed. The invoice will be created as a draft version. Click on Mark as Ready for Payment to finalise the invoice. You will be asked to confirm this step in order to confirm the debit entry on the account.

Refer to paying an invoice to complete the payment process.

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