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For On-line billing support for our clients.
If there is a break in communications or any network faults at the Medicare end, call the eBusiness team on 1800 700 199 or

It is the user's responsibility to maintain and update a valid Medicare PKI certificate.

Setting Yourself Up for Patient Billing

New to Medicare Billing?

To integrate MMEx with Medicare Online Claiming, please contact the MMEx support desk on 1 300 722 926 to notify us that you wish to do so. We will then issue you with a locationID (minorID). A locationID is eight characters long and will begin with the letters ‘UWA’. LocationIDs are not your postcode or name of your site.

Next complete the

  • ARIF (Acceptable Referee Identification Form),
  • Duly Authorised Officer letter
  • Application for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Site Certificate
  • Online Claiming Banking Details form,
  • Online Claiming for Medicare and DVA Provider Agreement and
  • Registered Medicare Australia Communities of Interest (Col) Site Certificate – downloadable from this page – to send to Medicare.

Medicare will then send you a CD in the mail with the certificate that you ordered. For more information regarding these forms you can contact the Medicare help desk on 1800 700 199.

Send the files on this CD (labeled 'fac_encrypt.p12' and fac_sign.p12'), the passcode for the certificate and a list of the providers listed on the ‘Online Claiming Banking’ form with those peoples MMEx usernames as an mmex message to the Help Desk or as an email to

  • ARIF (Acceptable Referee Identification Form)
  • Application for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Site Certificate
  • Online Claiming Banking Details form
  • Online Claiming for Medicare & DVA Provider Agreement (This form is only required if the provider has never submitted any electronic claims before. If you have submitted an electronic claim at a previous practice or using a different piece of software then this is not necessary for you to fill out.)
  • Registered Medicare Australia Communities of Interest (Col) Site Certificate.

Currently billing through another system/vendor?

Minor IDs are unique to each vendor and we are unable to reuse your current one in MMEx. MMEx will issue you with a new Minor ID upon request. Please send an email to to request your new MMEx Minor ID.

A location ID is eight characters long and will begin with the letters ‘UWA’ for use in MMEx.

If you already have Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Site Certificates, you do not need to reapply and can use your existing certificates and use these with MMEx.

  • You will need to re-register all of your clinicians and their provider numbers with the new MMEx Minor ID. This can be done by completing the Online Claiming Banking Details form .
  • You need to fill it out for all provider numbers so if you have more than 6 per site, then you need to fill out more than one form. (See links at the end of this document)
  • Once you have applied for the change from your current Minor ID to the new MMEx Minor ID, you will not be able to bill against the ‘old’ Minor ID. Your billing must be up to date before changing Minor ID.

Public Key Infrastructure website.

Use these forms to apply for a Human Services PKI certificate.

Update Provider claiming banking details. (Align provider numbers with new location ID for online claiming as a payee provider for one or more servicing providers)

MMEx Billing Configuration

MMEx requires some configuration to set your organisation up for billing. This configuration allows you to tailor the display and function of the billing module to suit your needs.

Configuration decisions are required around:

  • Ledger Structure
  • Billing Templates (optional)
  • User permissions

Detailed information about these items can be found here - Configure your Billing Module

Our MMEx helpdesk and our BA team are available to guide you through these steps if you need assistance. Please call 1 300 722 926 or email for assistance,

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