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There are two types of accounts in MMEx:

  • Provider Account- used for doctors or organisations as an account for Medicare claims - this is an account where Medicare billing claims and DVA rebates are paid.
  • Customer Account - used for patients and entities. These accounts record an amount (in credit or debit) balance for visits that are not bulk billed.
    • These accounts are created automatically for patients when you make a claim or create an invoice.

Accounts are connected to specific ledgers.

Viewing accounts

To view accounts and their balance along with other relevant details, open the Accounts tab. Select the ledger you wish to view accounts for.

You will see a range of filters and a table with all accounts for the selected ledger listed in it. Details available include:

  • Name - this will be the patient or account name for a customer account, and the custom name for a provider account.
  • Ledger - column displays if you have Show all ledgers selected.
  • Account Category
    • Customer or Provider
  • Invoice To - name fo the person who has been set as the default recipient of any invoices for services provided to the patient
  • Linked Patients - the patient record that is linked to the account
  • Balance - the current balance of the account
    • +$##.## indicates the account is in credit
    • -$##.## indicates the account is in debit (balance is outstanding)


There are a number of filters that you can use to filter or search the information in the accounts table:

  • Keyword Search - search the table for a specific keyword
  • Account Category - filter the list to show all categories of accounts, or only provider or customer accounts
  • Patient Search - filter the list for any accounts that are linked to that patient.
  • Deleted Accounts - filter the list to show active or archived accounts
  • Columns - clicking on a column title will filter that column A-Z with the first click and Z-A with the second click

Add New Account

Accounts will be created automatically for both patients and providers when a visit is created. You may however, use this section to give the provider account a custom name if desired

You may also create other customer accounts such as family accounts, or entity accounts where multiple patients may be applied.

Provider Account

To add a new provider account, bill a visit to that provider OR click on Add New Account.
From Account Category select Provider Account Give the account a name.
Click Save

Customer Account - Patient group

If creating a Customer account where one person is responsible for family members, or an entity is responsible for a group of patients, select Customer Account from the drop down menu and give the account a name and enter a contact phone number. If the patients are going to be bulk-billed or claim from Medicare, check the box for Allow Claiming with Medicare; this will display additional fields.

To link patients to this account, click the Link Patients button and search for the required patients.

If linking family members, search by the surname, then hold shift as you click on each patient. when all are selected, click Link

Once linked, select the primary patient record by clicking Make Primary - this account will be highlighted with grey and after saving have (primary) after their name.
Mark whether consent has been given for Electronic transmission of claims for each person.
Record Billing, Claimant and Bank details for the account as required or check the box to use existing information.

Save the account.

You will then be shown the summary page of the account with invoice recipient and primary patient marked. You may edit the account by clicking on Edit Account You may view Quotes, Invoices, Claims, Payments and Journal entries for this account by selecting the relevant Tab within this filtered account view.

Click Back to all accounts to return to the main accounts page.

Customer Account - Entity

If creating a Customer account where services are billed to a specific organisation, but the patients change constantly, select Customer Account from the drop down menu and give the account a name and enter a contact phone number. Don't select Allow claiming with Medicare.

Record the Billing Details - the person who will be processing accounts at the Customer Organisation. These details will populate Invoices.

Click on Save

The account can now be selected for invoicing.

Edit Account

To Edit an account, on the Accounts tab, locate the account you wish to modify. Click on Edit account Edit the details as required and then click Save in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Transfer between accounts

Click on Transfer between Accounts.

  1. Select the account you wish to move an amount from - the debit account
  2. Select the account you wish to move an amount to - the credit account
  3. Enter the amount you wish to transfer from the debit account to the credit account.

Click transfer You will be asked to confirm the transfer, click transfer if the details are correct. You will be shown a transfer success message, and the current balance of both accounts will be displayed.

The transfer will be recorded in the account journal.

It is important to note that this transfer is occurring in the account records only, not in the organisation's bank accounts. Event logs record details of who completed the transfer.

Archive Accounts

To archive an account, on the Accounts tab, select the account you are looking for. With the account open, click on Edit account In the bottom left corner of the screen, click Archive

NB: Archiving the account archives all quotes, invoices and claims under the account so ensure that all billing activity is completed prior to archiving the account.

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