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Welcome to the IUIH User Manual

This section is relevant for organisations within the IUIH Network in South-East Queensland:
IUIH, Moreton ATSICHS, Brisbane ATSICHS, Yulu-Burri-Ba, Kambu Health Service

MMEx Support for IUIH Network

For all MMEx support, queries and issues, please contact the IUIH MMEx Support Team

IUIH MMEx Support - e-mail: or Ph: (07) 3828 3607 / (07) 3828 3625

Jennifer Treloar – MMEx Training & Development Officer (Northgate, MATSICHS, Kambu training; general support and MMEx issues, development and upgrades)
Ph: 0432 680 864

Julie Mackenzie – Medical System Information Trainer (YBB, Salisbury, Brisbane ATSICHS training; general support, CQI support)
Ph: 0437 625 176

Katie Jackson - MMEx Training & Support (Reception training, general support)
Ph: 0448 202 797

For IT related issues phone 1300 831 976 or email:

The ISA MMEx Helpdesk is only to be contacted when issue is urgent and IUIH MMEx or IT support are unable to be contacted - support call details will be relayed back to IUIH MMEx Support Team

Quick Tips for MMEx

IUIH & Member Services MMEx Forms

How to Arrange MMEx Training

IUIH & Member Services MMEx Guides

Regional Clinical Protocols

Clinical Updates

MMEx Bytes Webinars

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