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Welcome to the IUIH User Manual

This section is relevant for organisations within the IUIH Network in South-East Queensland:
IUIH, Moreton ATSICHS, Brisbane ATSICHS, Yulu-Burri-Ba, Kambu Health Service

MMEx Support for IUIH Network

For all MMEx support, queries and issues, please contact the IUIH MMEx Support Team

IUIH MMEx Support - e-mail: or Ph: (07) 3828 3607 / (07) 3828 3625

Jennifer Treloar – MMEx Training & Development Officer (Northgate, MATSICHS, Kambu training; general support and MMEx issues, development and upgrades)
Ph: 0432 680 864

Julie Mackenzie – Medical System Information Trainer (YBB, Salisbury, Brisbane ATSICHS training; general support, CQI support)
Ph: 0437 625 176

Katie Jackson - MMEx Training & Support (Reception training, general support)
Ph: 0448 202 797

For IT related issues phone 1300 831 976 or email:

The ISA MMEx Helpdesk is only to be contacted when issue is urgent and IUIH MMEx or IT support are unable to be contacted - support call details will be relayed back to IUIH MMEx Support Team

We use Microsoft Teams as a videoconferencing platform and can provide support and training via this portal in addition to phone, email and face-to-face. Teams is an excellent portal for sharing screens and problem solving quickly. Message us individually in Teams if we are showing as being 'available'.

Quick Tips for MMEx

IUIH Network MMEx Training and New User Information

IUIH Network How to Arrange MMEx Training

IUIH Network MMEx Guides

IUIH Network Patient Information

IUIH Network Regional Clinical Protocols

IUIH Network Clinical Updates

IUIH Network MMEx Bytes Webinars

IUIH Network COVID-19 Information

Health Check Blank Forms

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