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Quick Tips for MMEx

  • Internet Based not Server Based (no internet – no service; slow internet – slow service)
  • Accessible where-ever internet is available
  • You will need to manually Refresh pages that you are working on, unless you have clicked Save / Update / Add buttons. Note there is a Refresh button on the right hand side of the patient Clinical Summary view. This will refresh the page in the patient file that you are in.
  • The ‘F5’ button will refresh the screen. Refreshing ONLY occurs for the screen/tab you are working in.
  • Ctrl + F5 button will refresh your browser. This should be done after every MMEx upgrade
  • You must SAVE by clicking on Save buttons. Remember to Save any time you enter information into the system – especially in progress notes and in letter writer documents.
  • When you click on a Save, Update or similar button, WAIT for the page to finish updating (this allows the internet to save. If you do not wait you risk losing the information you entered).
  • Work through screens from left to right, top to bottom.
  • Option buttons will usually appear at both top and bottom of sections that require scrolling
  • Some sections will open in pop-up boxes, others will open a new window on top of the working window
  • Right clicking on top and left menus will show option to ‘Open Link in New Tab’. This allows you to have multiple internet browser tabs open. However, if you do so remember that you must save first any work in the first tab before opening a second tab. You can also click on the scroll button on your mouse
  • Printable documents usually appear in PDF form. These need to be opened to view, and then click on the Print button.
  • In the live database you can search a *TEST patient – these are fake patients where you can try out the various functions of MMEx
  • When finished in a patient record, close record by clicking Close Record in Patient menu on ALL tabs that you have that record in. Closing a tab will NOT close a record
  • Always check you are in the correct patient file before entering information, creating forms, or printing letters, or writing progress notes
  • To ensure optimum speed of MMEx:
    • Do not open more than the necessary calendars (preferably no more than 15)
    • Do not open more than the required number of tabs in a browser
    • Do not open multiple patients at the same time
    • Do not stream music or videos using the same internet connection
    • You can have both Chrome and Firefox open at the same time
    • Clear your computers browser regularly
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